Spring Boot and Kafka Configuration Tuning

Spring Boot and Kafka Configuration Tuning

Spring Boot and Kafka Configuration Tuning. See a setup for configuration tuning in an isolated environment and to determine the Spring Boot, Kafka configuration and best practices for moderate uses.


The goal of this exercise is to provide a setup for configuration tuning in an isolated environment and to determine the Spring Boot, Kafka configuration, and best practices for moderate uses. The high-level observations are:

  1. Partition your Kafka topic and design system stateless for higher concurrency. For most of the moderate use cases (we have 100,000 messages per hour) you won't need more than 10 partitions. As a rule of thumb; concurrency direction is directly proportional to the times the consumer spends processing a single message. 
  2. The default Spring boot configuration are very reasonable for moderate uses. Avoid changing them without a proper root cause analysis. 
  3. Although it differs from use case to use case, it is recommended to have the producer receive acknowledgment from at least one Kafka Partition leader and manual acknowledgment at the consumer side. 
  4. Size Kafka topics appropriately, by using small messages that are less than 0.5 MB, to avoid Kafka broker timeout errors. If required, chunk the large data into small messages, send them through a single partition, and reconstruct the message at the consumer side. 


I recently got involved in an initiative where we had a need to hydrate two or more clusters of an In Memory Data Grid (IMDG) with transient data from a combination of data sources. [Please don’t ask me why? :)]

Given the fact that All IMDG clusters must be always in an identical state, the option of sourcing the data directly from each IMDG was out of the question for obvious reasons. I needed a common memory space that is accessible or can flow the data to all IMDGs. In our infrastructure, Kafka was the only available system that was accessible from all IMDGs. Hence, it was decided to fill a Kafka topic once from all data sources, and then use it as a single data source to hydrate all IMDGs.

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