Why Did GitLab Acquire UnReview?

Why Did GitLab Acquire UnReview?

Last week, open-source DevOps lifecycle platform GitLab acquired machine learning (ML) startup UnReview for an undisclosed amount. UnReview automatically recommends appropriate code reviewers for pull requests of GitLab, GitHub and BitBucket projects.

Last week, open-source DevOps lifecycle platform GitLab acquired machine learning (ML) startup UnReview for an undisclosed amount. UnReview automatically recommends appropriate code reviewers for pull requests of GitLabGitHub and BitBucket projects. 

GitLab is a collaboration tool for software developers and DevOps. Started in 2014, GitLab Inc. has more than 1,300 remote team members spread across 68 countries. Currently, the platform consists of thousands of developers and has about 30 million+ users (both paid and free), from startups to global enterprises.

“Integrating UnReview into the GitLab platform marks our first step in building GitLab’s applied ML for DevOps,” said Eric Johnson, CTO of GitLab. 

Further, he said incorporating machine learning into GitLab’s DevOps platform improves the UX by automating workflows and compressing cycle time across all areas of the DevSecOps lifecycle. “We are also building new MLOps features to empower data scientists,” he added. 

GitLab said the UnReview technology would be integrated into the GitLab code review experience for SaaS customers by the end of 2021. 

Why GitLabs acquired UnReview?

Accelerating development cycles while ensuring the highest quality code is one of the most common challenges DevOps teams face today. AI/ML tools such as UnReview, Tabnine (formerly Codota), DeepchecksGranulate, help fast track DevOps cycles by anticipating what developers need in advance.

According to Gartner, 40% of DevOps teams are expected to be using application and infrastructure monitoring apps that have integrated artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) by 2023. Also, an enterprise using AI-based tools reduces review time by over 50%, revealed Delloite, in a report ‘AI-assisted software development.’  

As per GitLab’s 2021 DevSecOps survey, 75% of respondents said their DevOps teams are planning to use ML/AI for testing and code review. The study revealed nearly 55% of operations teams said their DevOps life cycles were either completely or mostly automated. 

Jim Mercer, research director DevSecOps and DevOps at global market intelligence firm IDC, said, DevOps teams can capitalise on cloud solutions that provide machine learning to remove friction from the DevOps pipeline, optimising developer productivity. 

*GitLab’s applied machine learning for DevOps: *

  • With the integration of UnReview into GitLab’s platform, the platform will enrich machine learning capabilities to speed up the software development lifecycle. 
  • Using UnReview’s machine learning algorithm, the merge request reviewers feature will be accelerated from a primarily manual process to an automated process. This will be extended to automate other workflow tasks like GitLab Epics soon. 
  • Improves experience with more intelligent machine learning backed features to automate portfolio management within the manage and plan stages.

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