Introducing The Javascript Calculator Progressive Web App (PWA)

Introducing The Javascript Calculator Progressive Web App (PWA)

The JavaScript Calculator PWA is an example with source code demonstrating how to make any web site a Progressive Web App. Progressive Web Apps are the new standard in delivering client application experiences on mobile and desktop. Any web site can be a PWA.

Today I am pleased to announce my latest progressive web app (PWA), the JavaScript Calculator PWA.javascript-pwa-calculator-add-to-home-screen

Just like yesterday's Hextris this is a fork of a GitHub repository. The original calculator application was written by Jue Jin. The text and comments are in Chinese, I think. The numbers are well numbers and that is the more important aspect for now.

This is a simple JavaScript based calculator that looks like the iOS native calculator. There are no 'advanced' math functions available, at least not yet. Maybe I will add more to the application later.

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