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The company came to hire SDE interns for the Oracle Fusion Applications and the eligible branches were 2nd year ECE, EEE, MnC, and CSE with a CPI cutoff of 7.

The selection procedure was as follows:

Round 1:

The initial round was an online test which was held on their own platform. It comprised of logical reasoning questions, English and General Aptitude, and basics of Coding in C++. The test was divided in above modules and each module had sub-modules and each sub-module had fixed time to solve them. We were free to attempt any module first.

After the first round, the list of shortlisted candidates was announced and we were asked to carry our updated resume for the face to face interview.

Round 2:

The second round was mainly focused on my resume. The interview began with my introduction and why you want to join this internship? I suggest the candidates to keep yourself prepared for such questions so that you don’t lose your fluency during the interview. Then, the discussion started with the projects that I mentioned in my resume. Now, it is very important to drive the entire interview in your direction, so I had made my resume such that the best projects were only written, and I had idea about each and every question the interviewer was asking. I had also hosted couple of websites, so that helped me to present my ideas well as they could see it live on their cell phones. After a fine discussion of around 20-25 minutes, I was asked to wait outside for updates. Later, I got a call for Round 3. I knew this will be my last round and it was focussed on technical aspects.

Round 3:

The interview started with my general introduction and my experience so far with the interview process. The interviewer than directly jumped into the Data Structures and Algorithms part and asked me a couple of questions :

  1. You are given an array of integers, find out all the unique elements of the array.
  2. Merge two sorted arrays
  3. Given a string, find the longest palindromic substring
  4. Finding the repeating and missing element

Then he asked two puzzle questions from me:


Everything was going well until the last puzzle where I went wrong due to excitement and concluded the wrong answer to the puzzle. As a result, I was not selected for the Internship, but it gave me a good experience of how on-campus interviews are being conducted and this will surely help me for my next year internships. I hope you find my experience worthwhile.

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