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Top 40 Questions for a Spring Framework Interview

40 Spring questions and answers to prepare for your next interview.

The Spring framework makes J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition) development easier and is used to create testable, high performing, reusable code. Spring is commonly applied in the information technologies and financial sector due to its modularity and dependency injection features.

Financial technology is an exciting and evolving field for developers who want to work at companies like MIT, Accenture, or Visa, which prefer Spring over Java EE. These companies are looking for developers like you with Spring Framework experience to help digitize their enterprise needs.

But, how do you know if you’re ready for an interview? And how do you prepare?

Today, we’ll go through a study guide of the top 40 Spring interview questions to make sure you’re ready to ace your Spring Framework interview.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

  • What is the Spring Framework?
  • What to expect from a Spring Framework interview
  • Top 40 Questions for Spring Framework
  • Wrapping up and what to learn next

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Top 40 Questions for a Spring Framework Interview