AppBar | FloatingActionButton (FAB) | Flutter Widgets Explained 2021

AppBar | FloatingActionButton (FAB) | Flutter Widgets Explained 2021

AppBar | FloatingActionButton (FAB) | BottomNavigationBar | Flutter Widgets Explained. AppBar - An app bar consists of a toolbar and potentially other widgets, such as a TabBar and a FlexibleSpaceBar.

AppBar | FloatingActionButton (FAB) | BottomNavigationBar | Flutter Widgets Explained

AppBar - An app bar consists of a toolbar and potentially other widgets, such as a TabBar and a FlexibleSpaceBar. App bars typically expose one or more common actions with IconButtons which are optionally followed by a PopupMenuButton for less common operations (sometimes called the "overflow menu").

FAB/FloatingActionButton - A floating action button is a circular icon button that hovers over content to promote a primary action in the application. Floating action buttons are most commonly used in the Scaffold.floatingActionButton field.

BottomNavigationBar - A material widget that's displayed at the bottom of an app for selecting among a small number of views, typically between three and five. The bottom navigation bar consists of multiple items in the form of text labels, icons, or both, laid out on top of a piece of material.

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0:00 - Introduction 0:32 - AppBar from Scratch 2:18 - Uning SnackBar Widget 2:44 - Show snack bar onPress of AppBar's action item 3:22 - Running and Testing AppBar on Device 3:55 - Adding body to Scaffold 4:33 - Adding FloatingActionButton to Scaffold 5:22 - Location of FloatingActionButton on Screen 5:58 - AppBar in Stateful Widget 9:11 - Bottom Navigation from Scratch 13:18 - Summarising AppBar 14:36 - Summarising FloatingActionButton 15:40 - Summarising BottomNavigationBar 16:36 - Wrapping Up

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