Keep mental health in positive shape during COVID 19

Let’s have a look at 10 different ways to maintain positive mental health and keep ourselves from losing our confidence and hope. Green Earth Family is a platform which thrives to educate and spread a word about saving the very own natural place of living, ‘The Earth’.

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Keep mental health in positive shape during COVID 19
Osiki  Douglas

Osiki Douglas


Data Scientist Creates Python Script To Track Available Slots For Covid Vaccinations

Bhavesh Bhatt, Data Scientist from Fractal Analytics posted that he has created a Python script that checks the available slots for Covid-19 vaccination centres from CoWIN API in India. He has also shared the GitHub link to the script.

The YouTube content creator posted, “Tracking available slots for Covid-19 Vaccination Centers in India on the CoWIN website can be a bit strenuous.” “I have created a Python script which checks the available slots for Covid-19 vaccination centres from CoWIN API in India. I also plan to add features in this script of booking a slot using the API directly,” he added.

We asked Bhatt how did the idea come to fruition, he said, “Registration for Covid vaccines for those above 18 started on 28th of April. When I was going through the CoWIN website –, I found it hard to navigate and find empty slots across different pin codes near my residence. On the site itself, I discovered public APIs shared by the government [] so I decided to play around with it and that’s how I came up with the script.”

Talking about the Python script, Bhatt mentioned that he used just 2 simple python libraries to create the Python script, which is datetime and requests. The first part of the code helps the end-user to discover a unique district_id. “Once he has the district_id, he has to input the data range for which he wants to check availability which is where the 2nd part of the script comes in handy,” Bhatt added.

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Indian AI-based Mental Health App Wysa Receives Funding From Google Assistant

Wysa, an Indian-based AI-enabled mental health application, has announced that the startup has secured an undisclosed amount of investment from the Google Assistant Fund.

Launched in 2018, the Google Assistant Investments program was designed to assist early-stage startups in advancing their digital assistant ecosystem and innovating new ideas. Wysa has also recently topped the list of best apps in India for 2020.

Wysa was also among the first startups to be included in the Google For Startups launchpad program in India in 2018.

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Aketch  Rachel

Aketch Rachel


How Is TCS Helping With COVID-19 Testing In India

COVID-19 cases have only been on the rise. With the non-availability of effective drugs and vaccines, one of the effective ways to control it is to detect it early in patients. However, the task is easier said than done. While a large number of test kits are being produced, they are not enough to conduct testing in large numbers.

Government-run body, C-CAMP or Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platform, has been a key enabler in driving COVID-19 testing as it has been aggressively building, managing and scaling the ecosystem of MSMEs to produce test kits indigenously. However, they might not be enough.

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Abigail  Cassin

Abigail Cassin


How The New AI Model For Rapid COVID-19 Screening Works?

With the current pandemic spreading like wildfire, the requirement for a faster diagnosis can not be more critical than now. As a matter of fact, the traditional real-time polymerase chain reaction testing (RT-PCR) using the nose and throat swab has not only been termed to have limited sensitivity but also time-consuming for operational reasons. Thus, to expedite the process of COVID-19 diagnosis, researchers from the University of Oxford developed two early-detection AI models leveraging the routine data collected from clinical reports.

In a recent paper, the Oxford researchers revealed the two AI models and highlighted its effectiveness in screening the virus in patients coming for checkups to the hospital — for an emergency checkup or for admitting in the hospital. To validate these real-time prediction models, researchers used primary clinical data, including lab tests of the patients, their vital signs and their blood reports.

Led by a team of doctors — including Dr Andrew Soltan, an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Professor David Clifton from Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and Professor David Eyre from the Oxford Big Data Institute — the research initiated with developing ML algorithms trained on COVID-19 data and pre-COVID-19 controls to identify the differences. The study has been aimed to determine the level of risk a patient can have to have COVID-19.

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Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Chatbots In Mental Health. Friendly But Not Too Friendly. 

Mental health is the proverbial elephant in the room that no one wants to address. India is on the verge of a mental health epidemic, yet one would hardly find a public discourse on ways to prevent it or treat it. There are hardly any steps being taken at the scale required to manage this the increasing number of people with mental health issues. Corona is to blame for this massive spike in the number of cases. The isolation because of lockdown, fear and uncertainty due to job cuts and general discomfort due to the inability to control several aspects of life has triggered severe mental trauma in people across the country. The issue is even more complicated by the fact that no one has any idea when things will ever return to normal, if at all.

There is a huge gap in the treatment that should be available and of the help available at hand, easily and cost-effectively. Even in developed countries, the ratio of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and mental health nurses to patients is 1: 10,000. The lacuna in the system ensures that most people suffering from mental health issues are never able to get the help they need.

Many digital interfaces are emerging as viable complementary services to fulfil some Artificial intelligence-based solutions are developed by working closely with healthcare professionals to provide a person with assistance, and often, some sort of companionship. This can also bring down the cost of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Most people have faced stigma prevalent in our society when it comes to its psychiatric disorders, which often hampers with effective treatment.

Chatbots are Natural Language Processing(NLP) based frameworks that interact with human users using spoken, written, and visual languages. Built specifically to communicate with people struggling with mental problems, Chatbots have the potential to be useful tools. According to experts, “suicide prediction and prevention, identification of predictors for a response, and identifying which particular drug is best suited for a particular patient are some of the areas where AI has been found to be useful in psychiatry.”

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