RedBubble clone : Launch A Print-On-Demand Business App Like RedBubble! - Blog | Appdupe

RedBubble clone : Launch A Print-On-Demand Business App Like RedBubble! - Blog | Appdupe

Let the artists flaunt their creativity to the world with a print-on-demand app that you could develop with the Redbubble Clone solution in just a few days

When we rewound to the days 50 years ago, the great artworks were only found in the museums or in the galleries. But when we land our minds back to this day, everything has changed. Though there were great works made long before, they resulted in oblivion. But right now, due to the advent of technology and the internet, the artists today are able to showcase their work and sell it quickly. While it took a large number of art collections to start a gallery or a museum, all it takes for an artist now is to create a personal portfolio page, and websites-that is open round the clock for the world to admire and share.

There are no more barriers between the artists and the masses. The artists’ work can be found, shared, pinned, or liked, which is used to gain different levels of recognition that one could only dream. Taking this as a perfect chance, many businesses are taking concepts from these. An app like Redbubble is one, which is making its entry into the hearts of the artists and in the print-on-demand industry.

Let’s pop the (Red)bubble:

Those were the times when cloth designing was a part of a creative art competition, and our friends would win over the price. But who would have thought that it would turn into a reality? Yes, people gain money for designing products such as articles of clothing, coffee mugs, mobile cases, etc. And the platform that is making it possible is the Redbubble.

It is a marketplace that holds thousands of shops that are handled by artists from across the world. Artists can add their art to 80 different products, and they can earn the desired money using the app- all for absolutely no price.

Here’s how the app works:

  • The artist will upload their art on the app.
  • They will customize it for products ranging from apparel to home décor by deciding on the colors, position, etc.
  • After that, the artists will give that design a title, description and includes relevant keywords.
  • They will set the margin to their wish, and they can control the pricing.
  • The customer will search for a favorite product on Redbubble, and after deciding on a design.
  • The app will manufacture according to the order and ship it.
  • Once the artist reaches a threshold of $20 as their earning, the app will pay for them every month.

Cool, isn’t it? Not just the recognition, but the artists can also get paid for their creativity- which we are sure is the goal for many artists out there.

The profit margin of the RedBubble: As soon as you read that the artists will fix the price, somehow we can guess that your thoughts would go on a tour in thinking about what could be the maximum price they will sell the products. Well, then here’s the explanation for you.

The retail price for any items is the combination of the base price and the artist margin added to it. This will be the price that the user would see when they browse for the items in the marketplace. Every artist has their liberty in deciding their margin so that it could be beneficial for them. The base price is the sum of service fees, manufacturing, or production cost. However, these vary according to the delivery address, bundle orders, and discounts.

Print-On-Demand Websites/Apps- A Lucrative Market Selling arts online has been raised nowadays as an artist from all over the world can upload their designs and make it available in every nook and corner without any restrictions. By allowing customers to acquire some unique designs, they are also allowing the savvy and not so savvy artists to earn money.

A Print-on-demand site is an ecommerce site basically, but with a few tweaks here and there.

Let’s look at how different these are from the standard ecommerce websites:

  • It allows an artist to upload artwork.
  • The artwork is then made available for sale on products like Posters, T-shirts, etc.
  • The artwork is printed on the product, and it is shipped to the customer without the involvement of the artist.
  • The site pays the royalty to the artist for any sales.

Unlike Print on Demand companies, the Print on Demand sites/apps like Redbubble are self-contained websites, meaning the customers will buy the products. These online marketplace for artists are a much quicker and simpler way for them to make money when compared with Print on Demand Company.

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