Vue Web Storage Component

Vue Web Storage Component

Vue Web Storage Component - A minimalist Vuejs component for web storage that supports both localStorage and sessionStorage.

A minimalist Vuejs component for web storage that supports both localStorage and sessionStorage.


  • Choose either localStorage or sessionStorage or both
  • Prefix all of your stored keys
  • Auto JSON.stringify and JSON.parse
  • Events for cross tab communication


## yarn
yarn add vue-web-storage

## npm
npm install vue-web-storage


import Vue from 'vue';
import StoragePlugin from 'vue-web-storage';  
// Use as
// Vue.$localStorage

Configuration (optional)

Vue.use(StoragePlugin, {
  prefix: 'your_app_slug_',// default `app_`
  drivers: ['session', 'local'], // default 'local'

// This will register two instances
// Vue.$sessionStorage
// Vue.$localStorage


All methods take care of prefix in key name, so you no need to specify the prefix when using them.


Stores the value under specified key in storage. Convert value to JSON before saving.

This method throws error on failure.

Vue.$localStorage.set('name', 'john')
Vue.$localStorage.set('isAdmin', true)
Vue.$localStorage.set('roles', ['admin', 'sub-admin'])
Vue.$localStorage.set('permission', {id: 2, slug: 'edit_post'})
get(key, ?defaultValue = null)

Retrieves given key value from storage, parse the value from JSON before returning.

If parsing failed then throws error.


Removes the key from storage.

clear(?force = false)

Removes all keys from storage. Passing true will clear whole storage without taking prefix into consideration.


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