WSFederationHttpBinding in .NET Standard

WSFederationHttpBinding in .NET Standard

WSFederationHttpBinding in .NET Standard. Implement scenarios that consume WCF services with WS-Federation bindings on .NET Core with the release of System.ServiceModel.Federation.

As .NET Core has evolved, the WCF team has worked to expand support for WCF client scenarios on .NET Standard and .NET Core. Until recently, one of the gaps developers faced when building WCF clients for .NET Core was the lack of WSFederationHttpBinding and WS2007FederationHttpBinding. These bindings support WS-Federation authentication scenarios where users authenticate with a security token service (like Active Directory Federation Services) and use a token from that authentication provider to authenticate with a separate service (called the ‘relying party’). Last month, the System.ServiceModel.Federation package (targeting .NET Standard 2.0) released, enabling these client WCF scenarios!

This post covers the basics of getting started with System.ServiceModel.Federation in your .NET Core application. It goes over how to install the package and how its use differs from previous WS-Fed WCF scenarios.

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