How To Install Selenium In Windows 10 | Step by Step Guide

How To Install Selenium In Windows 10 | Step by Step Guide

In this tutorial, we'll learn How To Install Selenium In Windows 10 | Step by Step Guide. Very simple, in just a few steps.

Hi! Welcome to the tutorials of selenium framework Software testing, an integral part of the development process for software applications that meet the highest standards of quality. Lack of proper testing leads to the bad quality product, delayed delivery, unsatisfied custom service and increase in costs. Due to these drawbacks automation testing came into picture. In this tutorial we will learn about the selenium framework its advantages and disadvantages and its components


  1. Installing the java JDK 15
  2. Setting environment variables
  3. Installing the Intellij Idea IDE
  4. installing Jar files
  5. Adding jar files to the IDE
  6. Installing chrome driver
  7. Installing firefox driver

selenium i windows 10

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