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Resize slider with different sized images

I have a mobile first slider with 3 types of images: tall, horizontally long and square. I want the horizontally long image determine the size of slider and then scale and center other ones to fit it's size. Using width:100%; height:auto; in my CSS code so images will be loaded with same width(100%) and different heights. Then using JS I want to get height of the image which has max width/height ratio and use it as the height of all images. And in the end using width:auto; height:100%; for images so all of them will fit the height. Here is the code I used to achieve this:

every slide has the following HTML:

<div class="img">
      <img src="" alt="">

CSS code:

     position: relative;
     vertical-align: middle;

.img img{
position: absolute;
top: 0;
bottom: 0;
left: 0;
right: 0;
margin: auto;

JS code:

        $(“.img img”).width = “100%”;
$(“.img img”).height = “auto”;;
var img_h , Imgs_heights=[] , ratio=[];
slider.item.find(“.img img”).each(function(){
img_h = Math.max.apply(Math,ratio);
var i = r.indexOf(img_h );
$(“.img img”).css(“height”, “100%”);
$(“.img img”).css(“width”, “auto”);

Everything works just fine but I have problem when I resize the window. In resizing the height of images does not change and keeps the height calculated before. And I need to refresh page to see the result I want. How can I get the height to change? I added the two first lines in JS to force it take width:100%; height:auto; again in resized window but it does not work.

I will appreciate any help.

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If I’m understanding you correctly, can you simply use the Javascript window.resize event to recalculate the image sizes?

From Mozilla

The resize event fires when the document view (window) has been resized.
Your code might become something like:

function resizeImages(){
   $(".img img").width = "100%";
   $(".img img").height = "auto";
   var img_h , Imgs_heights=[] , ratio=[];
   slider.item.find(".img img").each(function(){
   img_h = Math.max.apply(Math,ratio);
   var i = r.indexOf(img_h );
   $(".img img").css("height", "100%");
   $(".img img").css("width", "auto");

window.onload = function(){

window.onresize  = function(){

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