Applied Data Science with Python Certification Training Course -IgmGuru

Applied Data Science with Python Certification Training Course -IgmGuru

Master Applied Data Science with Python and get noticed by the top Hiring Companies with IgmGuru's Data Science with Python Certification Program. Enroll Now

What Is Python?

A general-purpose programming high level interpreted language with syntax and dynamic semantics.

It is a beautiful language that is easy to read; developed by Guidi Van Rossum.

Due to the lightning growth of Machine Learning and AI. Python has gained the spotlight as it increased productivity and enhanced quality.

Why Python Is The Best Language

  • Simplicity- This is by far the simplest and easiest computer language invented. Be it veterans or newbie’s; Python aids everyone in coding.
  • Open Source language- It is accessible for free and you can make, break, and change codes effortlessly.
  • Portability-Supports all existing servers; that means you can create share and modify code. Enables easy movements of projects and systems.
  • Embedding properties- Python supports extensibility; you could add other languages to its code and run.
  • Interpretation- The code is interpreted line by line. So CPU memory management and debugging of code ease.
  • Library Support- The enormous library online; helps upgrade your skills.
  • Object Orientation- Python supports OOPS; you can screen show the real-time affairs on your computers.

Why Python Certification?

Data Science with Python online course adds up to your resume and helps you grow smoothly in the industry.

Skill Sets

  • Expertise in core python- A python web developer should be able to structure data.
  1. Be well versed in OOPS concepts.
  2. Able to handle variables and data types, maintain iterators and generators.
  • Grasp Web Frameworks-
  1. Should have good command on Front End technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. Sufficient knowledge of Django and Flask.
  3. Be familiar with Tinker for GUI based web apps.
  4. Well-oriented in MVC- MVT architecture
  • Data Science Roadmap- With a torrent of models available in the industry; you can develop your skills as a Data Scientist.
  1. You need to be excellent in your high school mathematics
  2. Ample knowledge to deal with programming problems
  3. Do data visualization, manage data wrangling, and analyze data.
  4. Have good command over SQL, Pandas, and Matplotib.
  • Machine Learning and AI- These are the sub-modules of data science
  1. Able to write optimized ML algorithm
  2. Well oriented in Sicket learning cycle
  3. Manage Tensor flow- The Back end API of Google
  4. Good Probability and statistical skills.
  5. Aware of Neural Networks.
  • Deep Learning- Versatility in Neural Networking; to learn how a machine can process audio, videos, and text language.

Job Role As Python Programmer In The Industry

  • Python Web Developer Is a person whose job is to use the python programming language to develop, implement, and debug a project.

  • Software Engineer/Developer/Test Engineer- at the basics; a software developer handles creating the flow charts that enable coders to do their job. They are the creative minds behind computer programs.

  1. Should have a good grasp over the core python
  2. Well acquainted with ORM
  3. Aware of Web Frameworks
  4. Comprehend REST APIs
  5. Familiar with python Applications and Front End Technologies
  6. Good database knowledge
  • Only Python Developer With the basic python skill set, the python developer should manage Server-side development too.

  • Data Scientist Programming skills are a must when applying to be a data scientist. Having a strong knowledge base in statistics is vitally important.

Programming Language that incorporates statistics such as Python, SQL plays a vital role in cracking the interview.

They are also involved in data acquisition, preparation, evaluation, and hypothesis and modeling.

The data scientist also needs to source voluminous sets of data located in disparate places to find actionable insights and information.

They are also responsible for the deployment and operational and optimization of data.

  • Data Analyst A data analyst has deep database knowledge and is responsible for data acquisition, data wrangling, manipulation, and interpretation.

He or she should be able to build prediction models and solve problems.

A data analyst should be well versed with Seaborn, Pandas, Numpy.

Where Is Python Used In The Industry?

  1. Google-Provide better results based on the ranking of the websites.
  2. Dropbox- The server and the client applications are coded using python.
  3. Netflix- Uses MI to cluster users based on their interest in shows and engage them.
  4. National Security agency- Does Cyber-Security analysis using python
  5. Bit-Torrent- Enables file transfer between peers
  6. NASA- Aids in scientific calculations.

Career Opportunity As a Python Developer

  1. As a web developer uses Django and Flask applications of python

  2. Game development

  3. Big data analysis

  4. Web Testing

  5. Data Science

  6. Smart Device programmer


The success of your business depends on your ability to extract knowledge and leads from data sources. Python is the internationally acclaimed programming language to help in handling data effortlessly. It is packed with graphical options and visualization tools; python is the most preferred language for data scientists and data analysts. Top 10 trending technologies in 2021.

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Applied Data Science with Python Certification Training Course -IgmGuru

Master Applied Data Science with Python and get noticed by the top Hiring Companies with IgmGuru's Data Science with Python Certification Program. Enroll Now

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