What is New in Angular 10?

What is New in Angular 10?

What is New in Angular 10? The new version, v10, of Angular 10 makes use of that idea and develops IDE support and, consequently, developer’s experience. Angular CLI we build a new workspace as a sibling to our existing example-ng6-lib workspace.

To secure interoperability with the old pipeline, we keep adaptability layers that have suggestions on development experience. In this post, you’ll read our plan for moving away from the legacy compiler towards faster compiling and simplicity.

The purpose is to upgrade to the current Google-built web development framework, which has its sight set on a host of developments, extending from better integration with deployment providers to enhanced error messages.

Let’s open this second part of our journey on the phenomenon of Angular libraries by combining scripts to analyse the building. Alterations in the scripts in the root file called tsconfig.base.json are introduced and what was inside the root tsconfig.json before is moved to this script:


  "files": [],
  "references": [
      "path": "./tsconfig.app.json"
      "path": "./tsconfig.spec.json"
      "path": "./e2e/tsconfig.json"

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