No nitpicking in code reviews · Matt Layman

No nitpicking in code reviews · Matt Layman

Code reviews improve the quality of software. But a code review can be done badly. In this post, we'll look at some tools to make your code reviews as effective as possible.

Two hours. I sat in an excruciatingly cold conference room while enduring the code review meeting that would never end. The contract demanded formal code reviews so we had a room full of engineers wearing many hats. A moderator, lead reviewer, other reviewers, scribe and more “interested” parties stared at code on a projector. The code in question was thousands of lines long and was a big subsystem in a major satellite software. This code review was a crucial milestone before handing off the component to an integration test team.

Were we discussing the critical functions of the code? Did we explore the best ways to express the system to solidify a software component destined for space?

No, we quibbled about the lengths of lines of code and where to capitalize letters in variable names. The group had to reach a conclusion about every comment added to a long spreadsheet of comments, and 90% of the comments were nitpicks.

How did a group of intelligent engineers end up in this horrible scenario?

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