Best Wordpress Frameworks 2019 that developers should know

Best Wordpress Frameworks 2019 that developers should know

In this article, you get the most demanding and reliable WordPress frameworks that help in developing website for your business.

Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform. It is based on PHP and MySQL database servers. The number of websites powered by Wordpress has increased at a high level. This has resulted in highly competitive environment. Now, Wordpress platform is not confined only till content as the competition is at a high level. Developers implement advanced features with the latest technology trends to add unique and modern touch focusing on user friendliness, improving engagement level. To simplify and fasten development process various Wordpress frameworks have been introduced in the market.
In this article, we will brief you with the most demanding and reliable WordPress frameworks.

Top Wordpress Frameworks in the Market

1. Genesis

Genesis is the most popular Wordpress premium framework in the market. It offers huge support and advanced updated features based on the latest and modern tools and technologies.

  • This framework is fully secure, robust, and SEO friendly for all products.
  • To make the editing and designing process easier, this framework offers theme and templates with customization features.
  • With one click, users can integrate their preferred theme and they are also responsive on the smartphones (Android and iOS) and desktops.
  • Genesis framework is not only known for the theme, but also for high functional interference.

2. Themify Framework

Themify framework is known as the most powerful design integrated tool of the Wordpress website platform. It turns the design integrated method easier by offering a drag and drop feature. With the help of the Themify frameworks, developers can also have a live demo or preview of the website or particular page.

  • This framework offers customized page layout, the developer can make changes as per the requirements
  • Some elements or particular parts can be dragged to the other pages like Maps, Galleries, and slidders easily
  • For developers, it is easy to integrate their desired theme without any coding or editing
  • In other frameworks, to integrate the design without editing and coding developers have to opt for the premium version.
  • Developers have full control over the appearance without integrating coding.

3. Cherry Framework

Cherry is a versatile and free framework, which comes with the same paid features. It is used to develop plugins and based on free and open-source features. Apart from these features, it has an advanced attribute modular structure - which allows developers to work multiple projects at the same time.

  • This framework is easy to use.
  • Cherry framework has the best combo of essential features which includes backup and recovery of data, automatic updates, responsive design, and developers can customize the platform as per the market demands.

4.Thesis 2.0

Thesis2.0 gained a lot of attention in the industry for its modern and updated features in the version. It is the option for beginners to start their career in CMS.

  • Strong focus on SEO
  • Offers blend of three modern features includes boxes, skin editor, and site tools
  • With Thesis, it is easy to make the alterations in the style.
  • Thesis 2.0 adds extra functionality to boxes.

5. Builder

With the builder framework, developers don’t need to spend their time on the most time consuming and essential process coding to bring powerful websites. To reflect your style easily the Style manager plugin has been integrated. Developers can easily customize the design as per their preference or desire without evolving any coding process.

  • It is widely supported designing tool.
  • The builder tool is easy to use.
  • A builder tool has been considered as the most responsive framework.
  • Developers can integrate header, footer, and navigation bar as per their choice without any coding process.
  • It offers 80 themes to the developers with variant ranges including headway, layouts, etc.

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Conclusion There are many Wordpress theme framework which offer flexible design and functionality as per your requirements. Now, Wordpress has become among one of the top CMS platforms. In order to stay ahead in a competitive market, it is important to leverage Wordpress development services.

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