What is Selenium 4? The latest in Automated Browser Testing

What is Selenium 4? The latest in Automated Browser Testing

Learn everything you need to know about Selenium 4. Discover the new features that will help you create better automation. With Selenium 4, they have updated all the official documents related to Selenium that include web driver, Grid, and IDE to explain the latest changes. These features include: It improves the browser support. Now with a new version, any browser vendor can easily plug into the latest Selenium IDE

You've probably heard that Selenium 4 Alpha is now available.

After speaking with Simon Stewart, creator of the open-source project Selenium WebDriver, I compiled some of his favorite new features in this article.

What are the Pieces that Makeup Selenium Version 4?

First, let's go over the basics.

When most folks hear “Selenium,” they automatically think of Selenium WebDriver.

Did you know, however, that there are two other significant pieces that make up the project: Those pieces are Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid.

Simon believes that Selenium 4 is an excellent point at which to reintroduce people to the various bits and pieces that make up the Selenium Project.

Selenium 4

Let me introduce you to:

  • What is Selenium WebDriver? Selenium WebDriveris an open-source API that allows you to programmatically interact with a browser on an operating system the way a real user would. It was created exclusively for browser automation.
  • What is Selenium IDE? Selenium IDE is a record and playback automation tool.
  • What is Selenium GridSelenium grid allows you to save time by spreading your tests across multiple machines.

Let's dive into each to see what's new!

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