The AI-powered ElasticSearch-based Search Engine for Covid-19

The AI-powered ElasticSearch-based Search Engine for Covid-19

The AI-powered ElasticSearch-based Search Engine for Covid-19. Utilize the power of NLP and ElasticSearch to contribute in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic the AI way!

What is CoronaXiv?

CoronaXiv is an ElasticSearch-powered AI Search Engine that indexes 60k+ research papers that have piled up in response to the Corona Virus global pandemic, where researchers are publishing new papers every day, trying to understand the nature of this virus and trying to find a cure for it. CoronaXiv is a web app (soon to be a PWA) that is built on the following tech stack:

  1. Flask
  2. PyTorch (BERT model)
  3. nltk
  4. Vue.js
  5. ElasticSearch
  6. Python3
  7. Heroku

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