How Tech Companies Are Helping India Battle Covid Crisis?

How Tech Companies Are Helping India Battle Covid Crisis?

As per the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s latest data, India has 29,78,709 active coronavirus cases.

As India gasps for breath in the face of the second Covid wave, tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter, have come to the rescue of hundreds and thousands of Indians.

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How the Tech Giants are helping in India's Fight against Covid19

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Vivo India Donates Rs 2 Crore To Address The Oxygen Shortage

Vivo India announced that the company will donate Rs 2 crore in order to address the oxygen shortage that has caused due to COVID.

Facebook Donates $10 million To Emergency Response Efforts In India

Facebook is working with UNICEF and giving USD 10 million to the emergency response efforts of COVID in India.

Paytm Announces To Airlift 21000 Oxygen Concentrators - Analytics India Magazine

Recently, Paytm announced that the company will be uplifting 21,000 Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) and is expected to reach India in the first week of May. The company has already raised Rs 5 crore from citizens for the initiative and has matched the same amount making it Rs 10 crore. According to sources, a spokesperson at…

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IIT Bombay has come up with a creative and innovative solution of converting Nitrogen Generator into Oxygen Generator.