.NET News Roundup - Week of March 22th, 2021

This past week was marked by the online streaming of Cloud Builders Conf and the release of Unity 2020 LTS. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of March 22th, 2021.

Cloud Builders Conf is a Ukraine-based conference targeting cloud developers using .NET and JAVA, with speakers from companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. This year’s speakers included well-known names from the .NET community, such as Scott Hunter and Cecil L. Phillip - both at Microsoft. Hunter presented the first .NET session of the event, a hands-on overview on how to build cloud-native apps with .NET 5. During this session, Hunter also confirmed that this year’s edition of Microsoft Build is scheduled for the end of May. Other interesting sessions in the conference included a deep dive on Dapr (presented by Phillip) and sessions on Azure services and functions. The event ended with a very interesting discussion on choreography versus orchestration, presented by Mete Atamel, developer advocate at Google.

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.NET News Roundup - Week of March 22th, 2021
Einar  Hintz

Einar Hintz


jQuery Ajax CRUD in ASP.NET Core MVC with Modal Popup

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use jQuery Ajax for ASP.NET Core MVC CRUD Operations using Bootstrap Modal. With jQuery Ajax, we can make HTTP request to controller action methods without reloading the entire page, like a single page application.

To demonstrate CRUD operations – insert, update, delete and retrieve, the project will be dealing with details of a normal bank transaction. GitHub repository for this demo project : https://bit.ly/33KTJAu.

Sub-topics discussed :

  • Form design for insert and update operation.
  • Display forms in modal popup dialog.
  • Form post using jQuery Ajax.
  • Implement MVC CRUD operations with jQuery Ajax.
  • Loading spinner in .NET Core MVC.
  • Prevent direct access to MVC action method.

Create ASP.NET Core MVC Project

In Visual Studio 2019, Go to File > New > Project (Ctrl + Shift + N).

From new project window, Select Asp.Net Core Web Application_._

Image showing how to create ASP.NET Core Web API project in Visual Studio.

Once you provide the project name and location. Select Web Application(Model-View-Controller) and uncheck HTTPS Configuration. Above steps will create a brand new ASP.NET Core MVC project.

Showing project template selection for .NET Core MVC.

Setup a Database

Let’s create a database for this application using Entity Framework Core. For that we’ve to install corresponding NuGet Packages. Right click on project from solution explorer, select Manage NuGet Packages_,_ From browse tab, install following 3 packages.

Showing list of NuGet Packages for Entity Framework Core

Now let’s define DB model class file – /Models/TransactionModel.cs.

public class TransactionModel
    public int TransactionId { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(12)")]
    [DisplayName("Account Number")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage ="This Field is required.")]
    [MaxLength(12,ErrorMessage ="Maximum 12 characters only")]
    public string AccountNumber { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(100)")]
    [DisplayName("Beneficiary Name")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string BeneficiaryName { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(100)")]
    [DisplayName("Bank Name")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string BankName { get; set; }

    [Column(TypeName ="nvarchar(11)")]
    [DisplayName("SWIFT Code")]
    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public string SWIFTCode { get; set; }

    [Required(ErrorMessage = "This Field is required.")]
    public int Amount { get; set; }

    [DisplayFormat(DataFormatString = "{0:MM/dd/yyyy}")]
    public DateTime Date { get; set; }


Here we’ve defined model properties for the transaction with proper validation. Now let’s define  DbContextclass for EF Core.

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Aketch  Rachel

Aketch Rachel


.NET News Roundup - Week of April 5th, 2021

The last week was an eventful one for the .NET community, with multiple releases from Microsoft - including the third preview for .NET 6, ASP.NET Core, MAUI, and EF Core 6. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 5th, 2021.

The highlight of this week was the release of .NET MAUI Preview 3 as part of the .NET 6 preview release calendar. This release is important because it follows the recent release of Project Reunion 0.5, allowing early-adoption developers to use the first stable version of WinUI 3. Other features in the new MAUI release include improved startup builder, native lifecycle events, new semantics for accessibility, and updated UI controls and layouts. The development team also released a repository with sample projects that can be used with the 16.10 preview of Visual Studio 2019 (Windows).

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Aisu  Joesph

Aisu Joesph


.NET News Roundup: .NET 6, MAUI, EF Core 6, Visual Studio 2022

It’s been a busy week for the .NET community with the release of new previews for .NET 6 and its related frameworks (including MAUI), along with the first preview of Visual Studio 2022, new Azure SDK libraries, and more. InfoQ examined these and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of June 14th, 2021.

This week’s highlight was the release of new previews for .NET 6 and its related frameworks. .NET 6 Preview 5 includes improvements to a new feature named SDK workloads, which - according to Richard Lander, program manager for the .NET team at Microsoft - is the foundation of the .NET unification vision. The new feature allows developers to add support for new application types (such as mobile and WebAssembly) without increasing the size of the SDK. The improvements to the new feature are the inclusion of two new verbs - list and update - providing a sense of the expected final experience with the general availability release in November. Other features in .NET 6 Preview 5 include NuGet package validationmore Roslyn analyzers, improvements in the Microsoft.Extensions APIs (focused on hosting and dependency injection), WebSocket compression, and much more. Also according to Lander, “.NET 6 Preview 5 is perhaps the biggest preview yet in terms of breadth and quantity of features.” A comprehensive list of all features included in the new preview can be found in the official release post.

The ASP.NET Core framework also received significant improvements in .NET 6 Preview 5. One of the most important features of this release is the reduced Blazor WebAssembly download size with runtime relinking. Now developers can use the .NET WebAssembly tools (the same tools also used for .NET WebAssembly AOT compilation) to relink the runtime and remove unnecessary logic, dramatically reducing the size of the runtime. According to Microsoft, the size reduction is particularly relevant when using invariant globalization mode. Other features in the new release include .NET Hot Reload updates for dotnet watch, faster get and set for HTTP headers, and ASP.NET Core SPA templates updated to Angular 11 and React 17.

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Rupert  Beatty

Rupert Beatty


Microsoft Build 2021: .NET News

Microsoft Build 2021 just wrapped up, and a lot of the new coverage was about things like the upcoming major updates to Windows, the retirement of IE and pre-Chromium Edge, and the new Windows app store that is being developed.

However, this year’s event also included some very exciting news for software developers and teams, including a new version of Windows Terminal and support for Linus GUI apps via the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I’ve summarized a few of my other favorite tidbits below.

ASP.NET Updates

The ASP.NET team is introducing a new way to create APIs with much less overhead than MVC and very little ceremony or wire-up code to write.

app.MapGet("/", async httpContext =>
    await httpContext.Response.WriteAsync("Hello World!");

Read more on the  ASP.NET blog.

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Abdullah  Kozey

Abdullah Kozey


.NET News Roundup - Week of May 3rd, 2021

This past week was marked by a new Visual Studio Code release and Pure Virtual C++, a virtual event hosted by Microsoft. InfoQ examined this and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of May 3rd, 2021.

Pure Virtual C++ is a one-day virtual conference aimed at C++ developers hosted by Microsoft. The event featured two particularly interesting sessions on C++ modules: in the first one, Daniela Engert, senior engineer, discussed visibility, reachability, and linkage of C++ modules. Gabriel dos Reis, principal software engineer at Microsoft, presented another session on this topic - an overview of the existing toolset support for C++ modules. All event sessions are already available on YouTube.

The Visual Studio Code team also released a feature-packed update for the popular code editor (v1.56). The new version includes usability improvements (navigation and dialogs), math support in markdown cells (using KaTeX), and a new terminal tabs feature (still in preview). This release also includes updated documentation (with new introductory videos) and many bug fixes. The team will host a live stream tomorrow, May 11th, at 8 am Pacific Time, to demonstrate what’s new in this update.

Other interesting releases this week included dotnet-example (v1.3), EventDriven.SchemaRegistry.Dapr (v1.0-beta), and Npgsql.FSharp.Analyzer (v3.26). dotnet-example is a dotnet tool to list and run examples similar to Rust’s cargo run --example. EventDriven.SchemaRegistry.Dapr is a Dapr state store for validating messages against schemas that are stored in a registry by topic name. Npgsql.FSharp.Analyzer is an analyzer that provides embedded SQL syntax analysis when writing queries using Npgsql.FSharp.

Maarten Balliauw, a developer advocate at JetBrains, published a very interesting text on building a supply chain attack with existing .NET tools and services (such as NuGet). The post is a very insightful (and practical) approach to this particular type of attack - highly recommended for .NET developers interested in security.

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