Exciting New Features of Next JS v10

Exciting New Features of Next JS v10

Learn what's new and exciting about the latest version of NextJS (Next.js 10) and how all of it leads to you building and shipping great React apps with the best user experience. Speed improvements, Custom 500 error page, Docs Improvements, Image optimization, Optimizing Webfonts, E-commerce play, Frontend Monitoring, ...

Learn what's new and exciting about the latest version of NextJS - Next JS v10

Next JS is the most ideal framework to use whenever you want to build an end-to-end experience on the web with React, it extends the power of React to the server-side with ease so that you can build full-stack applications. Next JS which was first released in October 2016 has now had 9 versions and iterations and this new version comes with some very exciting features we would take a look at.

Why choose Next JS?

You might be a React developer and used CRA to bootstrap your app and then going ahead to download and configure all the tools you need like the router. With Next JS the router comes out-of-the box without any config needed, as soon as you create a file in the pages folder, you have routing setup to it automatically. Next JS does server-side rendering also out-of-the-box too so whatever you build is easily findable and optimized for search engines like Google. It gets better, Next JS lets you work on the head section of your page by adding or removing meta tags. Another very impressive reason is lazy loading, Next JS has its own code-splitting approach that loads up content when you need it, providing a great user experience.

New features

In this post, we are going to look at the newest features shipped so far as the 10th version of Next JS and how all of it leads to you building and shipping great React apps with the best user experience.

  • Speed improvements
  • Custom 500 error page
  • Docs Improvements
  • Image optimization
  • Optimizing Webfonts
  • E-commerce play
  • Frontend Monitoring

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