Accelerating Sales Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating Sales Growth with Artificial Intelligence

Today industrial leaders are combating various sales-force challenges with AI sales assistants under the umbrella of artificial intelligence services.

Marketing and sales are the central value-generating areas for any business. However, time-consuming activities such as contacting and following up with leads, customizing services, and monitoring performance, obstruct sales growth drastically. Today industrial leaders are combating various sales-force challenges with AI sales assistants under the umbrella of artificial intelligence services.

AI-powered sales assistants can significantly impact sales growth by automating routine sales activities like lead management, data entry, performance management, and more. Let’s explore some productive AI applications in sales management for global businesses.

1) Lead Scoring Lead scoring is a traditional sales methodology to rank potential leads based on the value they bring to an organization. It is regarded as the core component of an effective demand generation strategy for any business.

However, Demand Gen’s 2016 Lead Scoring Survey Report reveals that only 15% of sales executives would rate leads meeting scoring thresholds as real opportunities. Sales representatives fail to analyze customer behavioral patterns and extract meaningful insights from large CRM databases, leading to poor sales metrics.

AI can refine the anomalies of lead scoring processes in the following manner-

a) The machine learning capabilities of AI streamline lead scoring efforts by training its algorithm with customer data to recognize purchasing patterns.

b) With predictive analysis engine development, AI-powered lead scoring systems can identify sales-ready leads effectively.

c) The underlying machine learning algorithms run across different channels including social media and community pages to predict buying propensity.

How can Oodles AI boost your Lead scoring efforts? We, at Oodles AI, train our neural network solutions with historical performance data, behavioral patterns, and market trends to extract actionable insights. Our predictive analysis improve the sales growth of global businesses by providing the following benefits-

a) We use data visualization tools such as Tableau and Dygraphs to enable data computation, orchestration, prediction, modeling, and reporting proficiently.

b) Our custom predictive analytics application development team traces review sites, online communities, and social media channels using big data technologies.

c) Also, we apply our AI-driven natural language processing capabilities to precisely determine a lead’s quality.

2) Upselling and cross-selling Artificial Intelligence has found its way into multiple streams of sales, and upselling is one of them. The technological advantage enables businesses from different verticals to do upselling efficiently for maximum output.

For instance, the Food and Beverage industry requires consistent upselling efforts to persuade existing customers to buy more. To do this effectively, AI has become a great asset as it can store information on a large scale. Based on the customer’s data, AI recommends better options available to upsell and increase ROI.

How can Oodles AI Sales Assistants streamline your upselling and cross-selling practices?

The data mining algorithms at Oodles AI use customers’ demographic details including age, gender, buying history, etc. to recommend unique products. Our predictive analytics solutions provide a personalized experience to boost conversions by using the following techniques-

a) Real-time monitoring and adjustment of product prices in adherence to the market demand and supply.

b) Segmenting customer data to make accurate and timely recommendations to a diverse customer base.

Talk to our AI development team to know more about our work and capabilities.


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