4 Mental Thoughts That Motivate Me When I Code

4 Mental Thoughts That Motivate Me When I Code

In this tutorial, i will show you 4 mental thoughts that motivate me when i code. Thoughts that make my day productive

I’ve been writing code for a long time, and there have been times when I struggled, couldn’t figure it out, and gave up.

People give up, they feel sad, and think they can not complete it — but they should think about it, grab some paper and write without running away from their problems.

Although what I write here is my thoughts, I consider the mistakes everyone makes when writing code, because, most times, everyone avoids the same things.

1. Do Not Start a New Task, Before the Other Task Is Completed.

2. Do Not Panic. Take It Easy. Drink a Chamomile Tea.

3. It Is Not a Disgrace To Ask Questions.

4. Do Not Run From Your Problems, Find Solutions.


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