Definition of Done Canvas - DZone Agile

Definition of Done Canvas - DZone Agile

Rumors persist that the Definition of Done (DoD) will move from enabling artifact transparency to becoming a primary artifact on its own. Why?

Why a DoD Canvas? The original canvas I believe was called the “Business Model Canvas” developed by Alexander Osterwalder in his blog in 2008. Here he states that the canvas is a way of describing this as a ...“business model is nothing else than a representation of how an organization makes (or intends to make) money.” And a crude rudimentary Internet search shows us that there seems to be no evidence of an existing DoD canvas. Albeit the search was rudimentary so, please feel free to share it. Therefore I have created a new one for the DoD so that Scrum teams can leverage this Canvas to represent their Definition of "Done" as a simple artifact of transparency. If it is not of value then hopefully it will provoke some thoughts on how you would like to represent your DoD even if you don’t use this canvas.

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