Living with Kubernetes: Cluster Upgrades

Living with Kubernetes: Cluster Upgrades

Blue/green cluster upgrades will require you to create a second cluster with a new version of Kubernetes. You will need to deploy a new control plane and data plane, then copy all of your workloads to the new cluster before you switch traffic from the old cluster to the new one.

If you’ve been using Kubernetes for any amount of time, you need to plan for regular upgrades. Starting with Kubernetes 1.19, each open source release provides one year of patches. You need to upgrade to the latest available minor or patch release to receive the security and bug fixes. But how can you upgrade a critical part of your infrastructure without downtime? This article will guide you through common patterns to consider when upgrading Kubernetes in any environment.

We won’t dive into all of the tools and considerations to perform an upgrade. If you are using a cluster management tool or hosted Kubernetes service, you should consult your documentation for the best option for your environment. You also need to be aware that some workloads and environments may restrict what upgrade strategy you choose.

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