Taking React animations to the next level with React-Spring

Taking React animations to the next level with React-Spring

React-spring is a modern React library based on spring-physics which is highly flexible and it covers almost all of the UI animation needs.

Animations are the important parts of UX that give an additional feel to the users and add some awesomeness to the application. But implementing animations is not that easy especially when you have to keep all the users and devices in mind. So, we have to think out for a simplified and optimized way to create and manage the animations.

React is a well-established front-end library now and almost everything is possible with it. There are multiple options of doing anything in React and so is the same with animations. We can create animations in React using CSS, JS, or by using an external JavaScript library. But animations can be painful sometimes, so here’s a library named react-spring which is highly optimized and simplified for animating React components.

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