Living with Kubernetes: API Lifecycles and You

Living with Kubernetes: API Lifecycles and You

This article is all about the Kubernetes API: what makes it great, how it can be extended with Custom Resources (CR), and what it means when parts of it are deprecated. Start with Living with Kubernetes: API Lifecycles and You.

The Kubernetes API is the most powerful part of Kubernetes. It provides a predictable, extensible API for your infrastructure and applications. The predictability comes from well-designed usage patterns and strong contracts for stability. With those things in place, the API was always intended to be easily extensible and to change often.

The end result is something you can rely on to drive complex control loops with minimal, declarative data. These control loops are the key to everything, from the Kubernetes scheduler to GitOps. They’re at the heart and soul of having reliable and scalable applications with Kubernetes.

This pattern is so reliable that the industry has been adopting it for more uses than were originally imagined. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Kubernetes to deploy via the Cluster-API, running databases at scale via Vitess, or ordering a pizza with cruster-api. You can use the same Kubernetes primitives to solve business needs — or hunger needs.

What makes the Kubernetes API so powerful, and what’s the best way to be a consumer as the API changes? Let’s look at how the API is changing and how that affects you as Kubernetes becomes a critical part of your infrastructure.


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