Go Slices Are Values

Go Slices Are Values

But what does that really look like behind the scenes?

But what does that really look like behind the scenes?

Since my last post, I realized that slices in Go actually deserve a little more discussion. For example, the two following code snippets are actually quite different.

Go code which creates a slice and calls a function that appends to the slice and then mutates the slice.

Go code that creates a slice, then calls a function which mutates that slice and then appends to it.

The first prints a friendly “[got] [hi]” where the second prints a very meta “[got] [go]”! What’s up with this? Well, to start, we have to understand how slices work a little better. And what better place to start than the Go runtime itself.

type slice struct {
    array unsafe.Pointer
    len int
    cap int

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