Power BI Modelling Error

Power BI Modelling Error

The error message above indicates I have a null value but Power Query was unable to convert it into logical values. When a model doesn’t load, here is what to do

When you work with Power BI, you will inevitably experience something like this.

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Those words. “Model doesn’t load” — just makes me… cringe.

If your model doesn’t load, it’s because a transformation have failed in Power Query.

If you need to see how to build a model, take a look at this article. Thank you everyone for reading it.

If you need a refresher on joins — here is article 1 and article 2. Yes, they contribute to errors too and they are more subtle, and much more costly.

Let’s explore some of these error messages.

Failure with one of the Tables.

In the image above, Power BI indicates it wants to load the model, but because of a “previous” table, it’s unable to load the model.

The error is described by the [Expression.Error] section and the table with this error is the one you will need to trouble shoot in Power Query.

[Expression.Error ]— Wrong data type.

The error message above indicates I have a null value but Power Query was unable to convert it into logical values.

Here is how to fix it and think about it

  1. Missing Values — if the column you are using needs to be converted to logical, ask why they are missing in the first place. In my case it was a data error at source. Missing values in your source highlight something is not right in your query.
  2. Remove Errors or Replace Errors. These options can be found by a right click on the column. The nulls or missing values for some reason didn’t load properly, but I know they were all suppose to be 0's so I’ve used
  3. Replace Errors and it loaded fine.

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