How to Hire a Mobile App Development Company: A Complete Checklist

How to Hire a Mobile App Development Company: A Complete Checklist

Looking for a legitimate mobile app development company? In this Article, you’ll find a complete checklist of 10 aspects you need to take care before hiring a mobile app development company.

In a search for a legitimate mobile app development company? The truth is that only a few companies are putting genuine efforts to make your project successful. Being in a saturated market, the cost of mobile app development varies from company to company. Cost is merely one factor; there are several other factors such as ethics which makes a mobile app development company worth hiring.

To identify the best firm or the one which fits our requirements the most is a bit troublesome. One of the finest ways to determine the righteousness of a mobile app development company is to follow the guidelines or a checklist mentioned in this article. You can either memorize or keep it with you at the time of hiring a mobile app development company.

#1 Capability of the Mobile App Development Company

Your first question to the mobile app development company must be whether or not they have capabilities to take your project. You need to ask them whether they can manage enough resources to build your mobile app. How experienced are their developers or which technologies do they work with? In short, you should have the complete knowledge of the Technical literacy all the developers working in your mobile app development project. It is important because according to the Chaos Report by Standish Group 4.3% of the mobile app development projects fail because of Technical illiteracy of developers.

#2 Project Timeline

Once the capabilities are checked, the nest you should ask about the project timeline. Ask questions such as when can you expect the final delivery of the project? Ask them if they can provide you a timetable of all the deliveries until the project comes to an end.

#3 Check the Portfolio

The portfolio is like a mirror for a mobile app development company. A mirror in which you can see the reflection of their past work. It will showcase the companies whom they helped to achieve business success. We can say that portfolio is the best shortcut to identify whether the mobile app development company is worth your app idea or not.

#4 Your Involvement

As a client your involvement in the project is vital. Chaos report says, 12.4% of the mobile app development projects fail because of lack of the stakeholder's participation. Also, it is the most critical thing in project success. Among all the factors in project success stakeholder’s involvement comes first at 15.9% according to the Chaos Report. Before the development starts, you should ask them how much participation do they expect from you since the inception of the project.

#5 Agile Development Methodology

Agile methodologies have changed the face of the mobile app development industry. There are a lot of myths associated with Agile such as “Agile guarantees project success” which is not true. The truth is that Agile help firms to reduce the risk of project failure. Before you hire a mobile app development company, you must ask if they follow Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Waterfall, etc. Agile methods help you to streamline project management by helping development companies to create and execute the plan, manage resources, and save cost.

#6 Cross-Platform Capability

There are two major operating systems in the world iOS and Android. Although currently, you have a requirement of a native app, it is better to ask mobile app development services provider if they do cross-platform development as well. Hybrid app development is the future of mobile apps. Many popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, etc. are Hybrid apps.

#7 Communication

Your mobile app development project success is depended on how well does the mobile app development company communicates with you. Communication matters the most if the company you hired is an offshore development company. The difference in timezone can bring chaos to your project. You should finalize the mode of communication before starting the project itself. It will help you reduce procrastination.

#8 App Release

App release is one of the most significant events of the mobile app development project lifecycle. It is crucial to verify whether the mobile app development company will take full responsibility to release your mobile app to the respective platforms, i.e., App store in case of iOS apps and Play Store in case of Android apps.

#9 Testing Methods

Almost every mobile app development company will have a dedicated QA team who monitors the bugs during the development and at the time of app release. It is recommended not to develop mobile applications from a firm who do not have a dedicated QA team. It is also crucial to know whether they do automation testing or not? If yes, which tools do they use for testing applications?

#10 Post-launch Support

Like any automobile or a building, a mobile app also needs maintenance. Every company has different policies for providing support to your application. It is essential to see that in the agreement whether they have any provision to provide free support post-launch or not. If yes, then for how long they will provide support? It is recommended to read the Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC that tells everything about the support and maintenance the company will provide.

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