JSON : Array & Compare

JSON : Array & Compare

I have a set of JSON array :

I have a set of JSON array :

listSession: [h0y78u93, h0y78u93, h0y78u93, h0y78u93, h0y78u93, 9i88u93, 9i88u93, 9i88u93, 9i88u93, 9i88u93]

I've created the array using the below code:

ArrayList<String> listSession = new ArrayList<String>(); 
            for(int u=1; u < k+1; u++) {
                String str = Integer.toString(u);

            JSONArray arrTime=(JSONArray)mergedJSON2.get(str);
            JSONObject objSession;
            for (Object ro : arrTime) {

                objSession = (JSONObject) ro;
                sessionName = String.valueOf(objSession.get("sessionID"));


May I get your advice or opinion on how am I going to compare the value from each of the attributes in the list. If it is the same, I should it as ONE. Meaning from the above sample, the count should be only TWO instead of TEN.

Thank You.

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