Containerized 5G Infrastructure Visibility

Containerized 5G Infrastructure Visibility

A discussion of how CVF provides visibility and observability of network functions in cloud native and containerized 5G network environments.

Cloud native and containerized architectures are becoming the de facto design standard for 5G networks and applications. In the telecommunications industry, the players are focused on building out 5G Stand Alone (SA) deployments to deliver the promise of faster connection speeds to enable IoT, medical, and autonomous use cases – not to mention improved communications, support for streaming real-time content, and the promise of myriad new applications and services. In working with Tier 1 operators, MVNOs, and analytics providers, we are encountering a staggering issue: they can no longer adequately monitor, correlate, and measure critical network and application communication events at the container level and across the infrastructure.

As we have illustrated through our demonstrations and proof of concept deployments of our Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) with telco and related technology suppliers, the most common phrases we’re hearing during the engagements are:

"Wow! This is showing us what we've been trying to manage around and lets us capture and correlate events we can't currently see [between and within containers]."

  • VP Engineering, Responsible for service assurance solutions at a leading 5G MNO


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