getting an error when I am trying to add an asset through transaction in hyperledger composer

getting an error when I am trying to add an asset through transaction in hyperledger composer

<strong>sample.cto file</strong>

sample.cto file

namespace org.example.basic
 asset Supplier identified by suppliername
      o String suppliername
    asset product identified by productname{
    o String productname
    -->Supplier supplier
    o Integer amount
transaction SampleTransaction {
      -->product productasset
      o String productname
      o String supplier
      o Integer amount

logic.js file

/* Sample transaction processor function. * @param {org.example.basic.SampleTransaction} tx The sample transaction instance. * @transaction */

async function createPost(tx) {

var factory = getFactory();
      return getAssetRegistry("org.example.basic.product")
      .then(function(postAssetRegistry) {
       var productname=tx.productname
       newPost = factory.newResource("org.example.basic", "product", productname);
       newPost.productname = tx.productname;
       newPost.supplier = tx.supplier;

   return postAssetRegistry.add(newPost);



click here to view error image

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