5 Talent Trends to watch in 2019

5 Talent Trends to watch in 2019

talent trends It is a candidate-driven market out there, with employers seeking a skilled workforce that could commit to an organization for a longer duration. It is important for any business to hire a skilled candidate who can take up the challenges and help them drive better results.

Up-skilling – Alongside salary and career growth, your employees always seek to learn new technologies, tools, methods, and skills to grow and contribute new to the organization. Some ways include providing access to learning portals such as Lynda or Udemy; or conducting regular corporate training sessions from expert training agencies or in-house training teams.

This ensures that your employees are ready for the future and can take up any challenges. Up-skilling is not limited to training sessions, you can also conduct brainstorm sessions with your teammates and employees for effective problem-solving and peer learning. This helps create result-oriented teams and a productive work environment while helping improve the overall efficiency of your workforce.

Tech-savvy Candidates – With advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and cloud-based computing software, technology today are changing. Traditional skills are important in an employee but look for a candidate who is more tech-savvy, they know how the technology works and this improves your overall organizational growth.

Tech-savvy candidates are technology driven, they know In and Out of every technology and tools. They are the smartest employee for your organization. Tech-savvy candidates find simple solutions to every problem in work and this helps your business to increase at a faster rate. 

Hiring Skills, not for experience – Prioritizing skilled candidates over the experienced candidate should be on top of your list. Skills are the key hiring factor you should consider in a candidate. Many experienced professionals are good at handling projects but somewhere they lack in skills.

A person with 5+ years may not have the skills required for a job but a person with 1+ year experience can handle a difficult task based on their skill set. Looking at the current trends, employers are emphasizing more on the skills, talents. This is helping them to bridge their skill gap in an organization and get good results from employees.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – EVP refers to the set benefits received by an employee in return of skills, experience, and capabilities they bring to the company. An employee value proposition is defining the existing unique essence of your company and how this benefits to employees around an organization. With EVP, you can understand what motivates your employees to work with you or what are the reasons they leave the job. Study the EVP with existing employees and understand the gaps within an organization. Incorporate EVP study into induction, rewards and internal communications.

Workplace Flexibility – Every employee has their own capability and productivity. Workplace flexibility is not a fancy word you use for a business model. It is the company culture, in which you give your employees benefits like paid leaves, flexible working hours, remote work, work from home (WFH) facility among others. This helps increase work productivity and reduce stress among employees.

According to many employers, workplace flexibility helped them drive better results and less employee retention. This trend might give you insights on what is trending in 2019 and help you renew the existing work structure or plan new employee hiring and/or retaining strategy.

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