Publish npm packages using CircleCI

Publish npm packages using CircleCI

Publish npm packages using CircleCI. Why publish npm packages? If you want to share Node.js programs and JavaScript libraries with other developers, business customers. The right CI/CD setup and workflow for publishing npm packages using CirclerCi. To start just create the .circleci folder in your project and create config.yml file.

The right CI/CD setup and workflow for publishing npm packages using CirclerCi


You can always publish your npm packages manually on your local machine but what if you want to make a CI/CD process for it? This question introduces lots of other questions like how to manage branches or versioning, how to manage staging and production releases. In this article, we will explore a simple base process that you can extend based on your project preferences. A base that includes primary blocks for the right CI/CD process.

Publish has some side effects:

  • Versioning
  • Different stages/environment release
  • Keep track of release

What we need is a workflow that supports team and project requirements. There are two well-known workflows that influenced the software development community.  Github-Flow and  Git-Flow, what we are going to use is Github-Flow but there is a good  article that discusses the differences between the two.

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