How to build Twitter with Flutter and Firebase

How to build Twitter with Flutter and Firebase

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login and signup (Ep 1):

Bottom Navigation Bar and Feed Screens (Ep 2):

User Profile Screen (Ep 3):

Edit User Profile (Ep 4):

Search for, Follow and Unfollow Users (Ep 5):

Create and Get Tweet (Ep 6):

Home Screen, Like/unlike, Notifications Screen, Logout (EP 7):

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ļ¼¬ļ¼©ļ¼«ļ¼„ | ļ¼£ļ¼Æļ¼­ļ¼­ļ¼„ļ¼®ļ¼“ | ļ¼³ļ¼Øļ¼”ļ¼²ļ¼„ | ļ¼³ļ¼µļ¼¢ļ¼³ļ¼£ļ¼²ļ¼©ļ¼¢ļ¼„ The Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that lets you store and sync data between your users in re...