System Design Analysis of Google Drive

System Design Analysis of Google Drive

How do you design a system like Google Drive? In this article, we will design a google drive service!!

System design is one of the _most important and feared _aspects of software engineering. This opinion comes from my own learning experience in an associate architecture course. When I started my associate architecture course, I had a hard time understanding the idea of designing a system.

One of the main reasons was that the terms used in software architecture books are pretty hard to understand at first, and there is no clear step by step guidelines. Everybody seems to have a different approach. And of course, there is a mental block also that these topics might be tough to understand.

So, I set out to design a system based on my experience of learning architecture courses. The first one is on Google Auto Suggestion. For this one, let’s design a cloud file storage service like Google drive. It’s a file storageand synchronization service, enables users to store their data on a remote server.

Now those who already used Google drive know that we can upload any size of files from any device, and it can be found on our mobile, laptop, personal computer, etc. A lot of us wonder how the system handles such a massive amount of files. In this article, we will design a google drive service!!

This is by no means a comprehensive guide, rather it’s an introduction to system design and a good place to start your journey to be a software architect.

★ Definition of the System

We need to clarify the goal of the system. System design is such a vast topic; if we don’t narrow it down to a specific purpose, then it will become complicated to design the system, especially for newbies.

Users should be able to upload and download files/photos from any device. And the files will be synchronized in all the devices that the user is logged in.

If we consider 10Million users, 100 M requests/day in the service, the number of writing and read operations will be huge. For simplification, we’re just designing the Google Drive storage. In other words, users can upload and download files, which effectively stores them in the cloud.

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