Latest web technology trends

Latest  web technology trends

Web development standards sometimes evolve faster than they can implements. To stay ahead of the curve, it's essential to focus on the trends, techniques, and approaches gaining popularity. We've analyzed trends across all industries to create...

Web development standards sometimes evolve faster than they can implements. To stay ahead of the curve, it's essential to focus on the trends, techniques, and approaches gaining popularity.

We've analyzed trends across all industries to create this ultimate list of web development trends for 2020. As a bonus, you'll discover the top web technology stacks that deserve your attention for the coming year. Whatever your current interests - marketplace development, startup innovation, or IoT inventions - you should be aware of these trends.

Hottest web technology trends to adopt in 2021

"Determining what the next big trend will tell us what we should focus on."

Mark Zuckerberg

Even if billionaires with a decade of experience leading the industry recommend we do this, what else can we do but agree? To simplify your research, save you time and help your business grow into a new decade, we've put together some of the key trends you need to be aware of while building a web business here:

We are currently living at the beginning of the voice search era. Every smartphone equips with a digital voice assistant (Siri for iPhones, Google Assistant for Android phones). In addition, smart speakers with AI are gaining in popularity.

Voice assistant users in the US

What is the reason for this shift towards voice interfaces?

  • Ease of use**

The conference is something we don't have to learn. Therefore, children and the elderly can interact with voice interfaces without any learning curve.

  • Affordability** Digital voice assistants are already a common feature of smartphones. Smart speakers are not yet widespread, but a price point of $50 is an excellent precondition for their expansion.

The report states that "the use of voice assistants is reaching critical mass." And by 2021, nearly 123 million US citizens, or 37% of the entire population, are expected to use voice assistants.

  • Use it for your business.**

Voice research is one of the critical trends in e-commerce. However, it also applies to all web-based businesses. If you want your web application to found, optimize it for voice search as soon as possible.

Also, consider developing your application for smart speakers. It will give you an additional channel to build a loyal audience and generate sales.

2| WebAssembly****

When building a web application, performance is usually compromised. The limitations of JavaScript make heavy computation slow, which significantly affects the user experience. It is why most popular games and powerful applications are only available as native desktop applications.

WebAssembly is here to change that. This new format aims to provide web applications with performance comparable to native applications. With WebAssembly, can compile code from any programming language into bytecode that runs in a browser.

WebAssembly code executes faster than JavaScript. Therefore, you can write the performance-critical parts of the application with the most appropriate language (C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin, etc.). WebAssembly will then take care of the execution in the browser. Can run native applications in the browser now. It means access to a more significant number of users while offering web-like performance without additional development costs!

  • Use it for your business.**

Web applications are getting more potent with WebAssembly. This technology is worth testing if you plan to create an online image or video editor, a web game, a P2P platform, a music application, interactive educational and training applications, 3D mapping applications, etc.

3| Personalising content through machine learning****

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, affects our daily activities on the internet without us even realizing it. It is the primary purpose of machine learning: to implement enhanced adventures.

Machine learning is the knowledge of software to improve its performance without direct intervention by developers. The software analyses incoming data, detects patterns, makes decisions, and improves its work.

  • Content customization in web development****

Airbnb, for example, has used machine learning to personalize search results for hosts to increase the likelihood of the host accepting their request. A machine learning algorithm analyses each host's application acceptance decisions. Based on this, search results for ads that are more likely to be accepted are ranked higher. A/B tests showed a 3.75% increment in conversion. In conclusion, all Airbnb users are now reviewed according to this algorithm, improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

Netflix's engineers went even further. To operate a predictive content personalization strategy, they use more advanced ML-based algorithms to meet users' needs better. Unlike targeting a whole segment of users, each user identifies in a particular way. The algorithms produce content and search outcomes based on user intent rather than previous queries.

Great examples, but there is so abundant more! Facilitating natural language and vision memory can improve the user experience. Machine knowledge allows the network to interpret data and make informed decisions. Machine learning use in web applications in various sectors, such as health, finance, education, agriculture, etc. This technology offers essential reforms that would be difficult to achieve without AI.

  • Use it for your business.

Machine learning is growing an essential part of any web service. It is necessary to integrate it into your services as well! Analyze the behavior of your website visitors and adjust the content presented to them. Your visitors will never know you are using an algorithm, but their satisfaction will translate into increased engagement and conversion!

4| Data security****

The more data a web app deals with, the more attractive it looks to cybercriminals. They aim to ruin your services and steal your users' data or your company's internal information. It can produce significant injury to your reputation and cost you dearly.

The security of your web services must become a top priority. So, to ensure user data security in 2020, follow these four tips:

  • Never neglect security testing****

Security testing can be done during the development phase and can prevent data leakage. Should explicitly test every change to your web application.

  • Use website monitoring tools****

An algorithm can continuously monitor all requests and detect and qualify suspicious activities. Timely notification allows your team to react instantly and protect the web application.

  • Choose third-party services carefully.**

SaaS software is becoming increasingly popular because it makes application development easier and faster. However, it would be best to make sure that the service provider you choose to work with is trustworthy.

  • Encrypt sensitive data****

Even if the offender gains access to your database, they will not take advantage of the sensitive data stored there.

In addition to these tips, we prepare some of the latest web 2020 trends to ensure your application and data security. Here, should highlight two crucial components :

  • AI for cybersecurity

Machines are becoming more and more intelligent. Although this fact has both concrete and opposing sides, we will pay attention to this trend's positive and negative aspects in our report.

  • Blockchain for cybersecurity**

Bitcoin and other blockchain-related topics have been at the forefront of technology blogs and reports for several years. In 2020, we recommended taking a closer look at it as a security tool for web solutions.

NASA has implemented blockchain technology to protect data and prevent cyberattacks on its services. It is a good starting point: if influential leaders use this trend to protect their entities, why ignore this principle?

  • Database security**

Once you save all your data in one volume, you make it very easy for hackers to steal it. Blockchain is a decentralized database, which means there is no single authority or location where the data is stored. Each user is responsible for reviewing the data and cab make no changes without everyone's consent.

  • Protected DNS

Large companies fall victim to DDoS attacks. But there is a remedy: the complete decentralization of DNS. When content distributes across many nodes, it becomes nearly impossible for an attacker to find and use hotspots and attack your domain.

  • Make it work for your business.****

No matter what web application you are planning, its security is the first thing you need to focus on. Keep a center on the most effective paths and make sure your development team is savvy and experienced enough insecurity to keep critical data safe.

5| Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).****

Google prioritizes web apps that place quickly on mobile devices. Therefore, you should consider implementing PWAs or AMPs, which are unique technologies for reducing web page load times.

A progressive web app (PWA) is a web page that replicates a native mobile experience. It is fast, can work online or including a poor internet connection, and remains comparatively inexpensive. A PWA supports interactions so users can enjoy a high-end experience without ever realizing they are still using the browser. E-commerce web applications are an everyday use case for this technology.

An Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) only works for static content but loads faster than regular HTML. An AMP omits all the fancy elements and displays only the essential information - text, images, etc. This approach works great for blogs and news publishers.

Whether you should use a PWA or an AMP depends on your particular situation. However, it would be best if you started considering these technologies now. In addition to providing a premium experience, you have the chance to improve your search results drastically.

  • Prepare them for your business.

There are so many great PWAs that we use every day without even mentioning them! Some of them, like Twitter, have over 330 million monthly active users; others are well on their way to great success. So if you're thinking of creating a simple web game, lifestyle or sports app, entertainment app, or news site, consider the PWA approach.

*AMP would be a great idea if : *

  • Most users of your web app are accessing it via mobile devices;
  • the page loading speed is so slow that users leave it quickly;
  • SEO and promotion of the app are important to you.

6| Multi-experience****

The history of app development started with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which are now so common that we can't imagine our daily lives without them. Nowadays, other intelligent devices, vehicles, smartwatches, and IoT system components are gaining conspicuous popularity. Mobile-friendly apps are a must, but app development's fresh and crisp trend is on the rise. Welcome to multi-experience - the way that allows users to use your app wherever they want: on a tablet, on smartwatches, in the car, etc. It's about developing an app that looks good, works well, and adds value on any device, from

7| motion user interface****

Motion design is one of the most crucial web design trends for the coming year. Minimalist design combined with sophisticated interactions looks good and grabs users' attention.

Think transitions in the page header, beautiful rollovers, animated graphics, background animations, and modular scrolling. With these elements and more, you can show your unique style and entertain the user, which will improve behavioral factors and help your web application rank better in search results.

  • Use it for your business.****

To increase engagement and give your web app users a better UI/UX, try using dynamic UI techniques to enhance it. Guide users through your app with animations that indicate the next step; Respond to user gestures with eye-catching animations; Demonstrate the relationships between different components of an app, etc.


8| Micro-frontend**

Recently, microservices architecture has gained the preference of software developers all over the world: Unlike the old heavy and monolithic backends, this type of development offers more flexibility and scalability. However, frontends are still complicated, and developers and startups have to deal with monolithic code bases that build a user interface.

A monolithic frontend is not only challenging to support. It can also affect the quality of the overall project and become an obstacle on the road to success. Fortunately, one of the trends for 2020 shows us how to avoid potential headaches.

We are excited about the possibility of breaking a monolithic frontend into small, simple components and then testing and deploying them separately. Multiple teams can work on many frontend components and then merge them into one giant web application. This technology is now called micro frontends.

  • Micro frontends instead of a monolithic architecture****

With their help, refactoring code and updating applications becomes easier. A developer can rewrite each frontend component independently without affecting the overall functionality and user interface. You can also work with multiple autonomous teams to build the application faster: Each development group has its workspace and deploys components independently.

  • Make it work for your business.****

Your development team should note this trend and implement it in your new application, regardless of the industry you are building it for. It would contribute to the overall development flow, teamwork, code refactoring, and support and make the web application more robust.


Trends can be difficult to follow because they change so quickly. But why not give it a try?

By following the latest trends in web development, you can delight your users with a cutting-edge experience, improve the ranking of your web application and open up new markets for your services!

In the coming years, voice search will gain ground and force service providers to adapt to the new reality. If you act smart, you can be among the first companies to reach your customers with a voice search. Sounds good, right?

The security of user data has questions for some time. It's an issue that you cannot ignore if you want to be the market leader.

In general, all web trends for 2021 are worth paying attention to. Some will last for the next decade, while others will become the norm in just a few months. So don't hesitate to implement them as soon as possible you can contact top app development companies in India.

Also, check out the new trends in mobile development. You're sure to get valuable ideas!

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