Ionic 4 Crash Course for Beginners - Build an App

Ionic 4 Crash Course for Beginners - Build an App

Today, we're going to step into the world of** Ionic 4 **and create an app. You're going to need to understand (at minimum) some basic JavaScript as well as Angular 2+. We're going to build an app that I personally use at the gym while lifting. It provides you with a visual cue (an SVG radial progress bar) of when you should start your next set.

We'll learn about some of the basics of Ionic 4 while building out this app. As this is a crash course, it's definitely not comprehensive -- so, I suggest using it as a supplemental learning resource! None the less, we'll start from the very beginning to the very end (from installation, to giving it a test on your phone)..


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