Testing Robin, the RPA Programming Language Using Itself

Testing Robin, the RPA Programming Language Using Itself

The purpose of this article is to show how a programming language can be tested by using the salient features of RPA that are built-in Robin.

Software testing in most software houses involves testing web/mobile apps, on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid installations, desktop apps, embedded software/hardware platforms and the like. What about testing a programming language though? How do you approach such a task?

Of course, given the fact there are many popular, tried-and-tested languages out there, there are a plethora of possible approaches but we will attempt to follow a different one (approach) and provide an RPA domain-specific example.

Robin is an RPA scripting language, free to download, install and start creating with it, built with scripting simplicity and process automation in mind. Its modules are decomposed in automation actions, combined with different data-types, statements, functions, exception handling and the appropriate syntax.

To provide a real-life scenario we will smoke test the Excel module and give attended and unattended automation options for issuing Jira bugs. Our proposal can be easily extended to other modules and Jira ticket types.

For detailed documentation of Robin’s features please visit the official docs site, here.

Real-Life Scenario — Hands-On Example

We will use Robin to test Robin. A script containing smoke tests for the Excel module will be executed. The Excel module is part of Robin’s standard module library. When bugs are found we will also use Robin to make our lives easier by issuing Jira tickets for the captured bugs.

We are going to showcase both attended automation (in case a bug occurs the user will be prompted via a dialog to select the severity of the issue) and unattended automation (severity will be given directly by the Robin script — we have followed the following logic: Start executing the highest priority tests first and then continue with the lower priority ones.

Note: To replicate the example you need:

  • Robin v0.9.3 installed (free), can be downloaded here
  • A Jira account (free)
  • A project in Jira with Scrum layout, named “Test Project 1”.

You can download the automation scripts and .appmask file, here.

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Testing Robin, the RPA Programming Language Using Itself

The purpose of this article is to show how a programming language can be tested by using the salient features of RPA that are built-in Robin.

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