Language Learning Apps For Kids

Language Learning Apps For Kids

Planning to create a language learning app for kids? Read about exciting features, technologies to build an E-learning app, and ways to monetize it

Statistically, 80% of young Europeans (aged 15-30) speak at least one foreign language. Many of them have learned it or improved their school knowledge with different kinds of apps and websites. The main benefits of E-learning are availability at any time and place, convenience, and low prices.

Duolingo is one of the most successful language learning apps for kids and adults. It has become world-famous and earned over $100 million for six years.

There are lots of other popular apps for children and teenagers helping them learn foreign languages. For example:

  • EASY peasy – an English learning app for kids aged 5-7 and older;
  • Mindsnacks – a series of language learning apps for kids and adults; it includes popular offers like Spanish and French alongside rarer options, e.g., Japanese;
  • Lirica – a clever app for teens aged 12-13 and older; it helps learn world languages with the lyrics of pop hits.

As you see, language apps can come in different forms. What kind of solution would you choose to create?

In the current market, you’ll find the following types of language learning apps and websites:

  • Digital courses like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone (both have versions of their products to help kids learn foreign languages), Mondly Kids or FluentU;
  • Flashcards-based and other repetition apps like Drops, Anki App, or Quizlet;
  • E-learning games like Gus Οn Τhe Go or Endless Spanish;
  • Language learning video-based apps like Little Pim or LingoDeer.

Let’s find out how you can create your own language app for kids. There will be common challenges and must-have features. It’s time to learn more about them

If you want to learn about how you can create your own language app for kids, you can read the article on the topic of Language Learning Apps for Kids.

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