Setup Your Git Repository Init

Setup Your Git Repository Init

Setup Your Git Repository Init. You can also just initialize your existing project directory. Basically, the git init command converts your directory into a Git repository. This article is a continuation of my other article about the list of Git commands that I use on a daily basis. I would like to deep dive into the one Git command.

This article is a continuation of my other article about the list of  Git commands that I use almost on a daily basis. In this article, I would like to deep dive into the one Git command that you will encounter a lot when you have just started your fresh project.

The hint is actually already on the title, which is git init. If you have read my other article about the list, you would have a rough idea what this command is all about. However, if you haven’t, perhaps you might one to read it for a broader perspective. If you just got started with Git yet you don’t know a thing about it because you were so eager to jump straight into your new project and heard about Git a lot, you are still at the right place. Just stay calm and keep reading on.

The Git Init

Don’t be overwhelmed yet, as this command is simple to use despite all the theories above. Here are the steps:

  1. Create your folder (if you don’t have any intended project directory yet).
  2. Navigate to it (if you haven’t done so).
  3. Initialize your folder.

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