How to use Kotlin - from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer

In this Kotlin tutorial, the lead Kotlin language designer will show you how you can write more idiomatic Kotlin, what the benefits are, and help you discover some of the most powerful yet lesser known features of Kotlin. Kotlin is similar to the Java programming language, so it's natural that your Kotlin code looks very much like Java code when you are first start to use the language.

Kotlin Programming Fundamentals Tutorial - Learn Kotlin for Beginners

Kotlin Programming Fundamentals Tutorial - Learn Kotlin for Beginners: Learn programming fundamentals using the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is an excellent language for GUI Architectures, Libraries, and Server Side Applications. This course will start you off the right way, no matter which path you take with the language. The course features hands-on coding exercises to teach you both Functional, Event Driven, and Object Oriented design patterns.

Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developer

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How to Sync Mobile Development Teams with Kotlin Multiplatform

In mobile app development, the main challenge for developers is whether the app should be built for native or cross-platform frameworks. The best way to solve this dilemma is to actually test both of them using the Kotlin Multiplatform approach. Teams can easily synchronize and deliver apps for different platforms simultaneously with this method.

Kotlin Rewind - 1 | What is Kotlin | Kotlin Programming Tutorial

** Edureka Online Courses: ** This Edureka video on "What is Kotlin?" will introduce you to a popular and trending programming languag...