How to match a String against string literals in Rust?

How to match a String against string literals in Rust?

I'm trying to figure out how to match a&nbsp;<code>String</code>&nbsp;in Rust.

I'm trying to figure out how to match a String in Rust.

I initially tried matching like this, but I figured out Rust cannot implicitly cast from std::string::String to &str.

fn main() {
    let stringthing = String::from("c");
    match stringthing {
        "a" => println!("0"),
        "b" => println!("1"),
        "c" => println!("2"),

This has the error:

error[E0308]: mismatched types
 --> src/
4 |         "a" => println!("0"),
  |         ^^^ expected struct `std::string::String`, found reference
  = note: expected type `std::string::String`
             found type `&'static str`

I then tried to construct new String objects, as I could not find a function to cast a String to a &str.

fn main() {
    let stringthing = String::from("c");
    match stringthing {
        String::from("a") => println!("0"),
        String::from("b") => println!("1"),
        String::from("c") => println!("2"),

This gave me the following error 3 times:

error[E0164]: `String::from` does not name a tuple variant or a tuple struct
 --> src/
4 |         String::from("a") => return 0,
  |         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ not a tuple variant or struct

How to actually match Strings in Rust?


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