React Native + Firebase Auth to Set-up Email Authentication

React Native + Firebase Auth to Set-up Email Authentication

This comprehensive guide will help you how to implement and set up email authentication and React Navigation using React Native + Firebase auth.

Consider this blog as a beginner’s guide for building React Native application and then implement it into the Firebase. In the mobile application development community, we know how swift and convenient it is to build applications through React Native, so we thought to add the cherry on the top. Why not utilize the agility of Firebase as well to get exceptional results.

So let’s walk together through this concept to get a better understanding.

Here we will make React Native application based on firebase authentication consisting of functionalities like login/Logout, Sign Up, User Profile, and Forgot password commands.

Follow the below steps to proceed with React native firebase email authentication process:

This is image title

First of all,

  • you would need to make React Native App.
  • Install required navigational dependencies through different screens
  • Install Firebase auth library
  • Set up your firebase auth project

To get all the information graphically on how to set up firebase auth libraries for your business project, we have added images and code snippets to our detailed blog on React Native Firebase Auth, where you can find all the data and a step-by-step guide on how to implement authentication by creating components and using react-navigation. It will facilitate your development process using react native + Firebase auth libraries.

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