How I became a Software Developer during the pandemic without a degree or a bootcamp

How I became a Software Developer during the pandemic without a degree or a bootcamp

Leverage your previous experience, whether you are changing career or you worked in the service sector put it in your resume and mention it during your interviews, even if not technical previous occupations prove other important skills like being able to handle clients or interact with colleagues.

In 2018 I was depressed and unmotivated, I thought of myself as a failure and I thought I was too dumb to finish my degree or learn anything at all, I had no direction in life and just wanted everything to be over.

Two years later, one spent working abroad and another dedicated to studying, I have a completely different perspective about myself and I just started my new exciting developer job on Monday.

It took a lot of courage (and argumentations to convince my parents) to leave my university after three years of studies to accept a job in a Lisbon without knowing anyone nor the language but it was a wonderful experience that helped me find myself.

Again it took even more grit and determination to leave Lisbon and start studying again, but I did it because I knew my dream was to become a programmer.

I have no expertise in psychology and the best advice I have if you are in a dark place is to seek professional help, but I know what it feels to be lost and I want to help anyone that shares my same dream by writing this article offering actionable advice on how to achieve a career in software development.

Coding is wonderful

I have spent several years trying to understand what I wanted to do as an adult and failing miserably at it, I spent a semester studying in Medical school when I realized I didn’t care at all about being a doctor, I attended three years of Engineering courses but I disliked the subjects of my major and in the end I decided I didn’t want to continue with it.

I was very lucky to receive a job offer while I was still studying and I immediately decided to take a chance and go for it, I had never really worked full time at the time so I wanted to challenge my fears of not being able to succeed in a professional environment.

Fortunately, I ended up absolutely loving my job and all the people I got to know thanks to it, it was actually one of my colleagues that introduced me to coding and got me interested in it.

Since then I never looked back, I started dabbling with programming and I soon realized I wanted that to be my career, I incredibly enjoy the challenge and the intellectual stimulation that it can provide and I think everyone should try and see if they feel the same about it.

Everyone can code…

… is the slogan of an old Apple campaign, and while I completely agree that anyone can learn the basics of programming, I ask myself, can everyone achieve a career in software development?

Definitely not, although the profession is rising in popularity and there are more jobs continuously being created the field is still limited and many people don’t have the aptitude for spending long lonely (and sometimes frustrating) hours in front of a computer, in short not everyone should code.

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