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Chelsea Lawley: Transforming Customer experience by Leveraging Data and Insights

NGDATA  specializes in providing customer centricity at scale. The company has developed an intelligent customer engagement platform that goes beyond a traditional CDP. Creating a unified customer profile is just the first step, NGDATA goes on to provide real-time insights that drive meaningful conversations whenever and wherever customers choose to engage.

**A Thoughtful Leader **

Chelsea Lawley is the Head of Financial Services Solutions, whose role is to design solutions to enable NGDATA’s current and prospective clients to deepen their relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and drive higher lifetime value. Having started her career working for Bank of America in multiple lines of business to being a Managing Director for a journey analytics firm working with some of the world’s largest banks – Chelsea’s career focus has been on making people’s financial lives easier and more valuable.

Chelsea says many people don’t think of their banking relationships often, even though banks are part of the biggest life moments; buying the first home, saving and paying for children’s college, planning for retirement, financing the largest purchases, and helping to invest. She realizes that the complexities of financial products tend to contain more fine print than people want to leisurely peruse and banking product menus don’t quite read like an exciting new restaurant’s offerings – so being able to curate the best financial advice and services for customers when they need them is imperative for banks to remain in the trusted advisor position.

“The bank on Main St may no longer be a place where people go to ask questions from someone who knows them personally, but it is my goal to help our clients achieve that same level of trust even if their primary conversations with their customers happen when they open a mobile app.”

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Chelsea Lawley: Transforming Customer experience by Leveraging Data and Insights
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Your Data Architecture: Simple Best Practices for Your Data Strategy

If you accumulate data on which you base your decision-making as an organization, you should probably think about your data architecture and possible best practices.

If you accumulate data on which you base your decision-making as an organization, you most probably need to think about your data architecture and consider possible best practices. Gaining a competitive edge, remaining customer-centric to the greatest extent possible, and streamlining processes to get on-the-button outcomes can all be traced back to an organization’s capacity to build a future-ready data architecture.

In what follows, we offer a short overview of the overarching capabilities of data architecture. These include user-centricity, elasticity, robustness, and the capacity to ensure the seamless flow of data at all times. Added to these are automation enablement, plus security and data governance considerations. These points from our checklist for what we perceive to be an anticipatory analytics ecosystem.

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Gaurav Shinh: Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Transform Businesses

DAAS Labs is adept at delivering solutions using smart data analytics.

To understand the peculiarities of the tech world, especially big data analytics, it is imperative to gain knowledgeable insights from industry leaders regarding new trends and innovations that are impacting the world. In a recent interview with Analytics Insight, Gaurav Shinh, the CEO of DAAS Labs, briefly discussed the impact of big data analytics in the industry and how DAAS Labs is driving innovation in the world.

Question 1: What is DAAS Labs? What is the specialization of the company, and what are the services that the company offers?
**Question****2:**What inspired you to start DAAS Labs, and how has the journey been since its inception?
Question 3: What role did you play while making this organization and how you managed it?
Question 4: What makes your product unique in the market?

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Gerhard Brink


Getting Started With Data Lakes

Frameworks for Efficient Enterprise Analytics

The opportunities big data offers also come with very real challenges that many organizations are facing today. Often, it’s finding the most cost-effective, scalable way to store and process boundless volumes of data in multiple formats that come from a growing number of sources. Then organizations need the analytical capabilities and flexibility to turn this data into insights that can meet their specific business objectives.

This Refcard dives into how a data lake helps tackle these challenges at both ends — from its enhanced architecture that’s designed for efficient data ingestion, storage, and management to its advanced analytics functionality and performance flexibility. You’ll also explore key benefits and common use cases.


As technology continues to evolve with new data sources, such as IoT sensors and social media churning out large volumes of data, there has never been a better time to discuss the possibilities and challenges of managing such data for varying analytical insights. In this Refcard, we dig deep into how data lakes solve the problem of storing and processing enormous amounts of data. While doing so, we also explore the benefits of data lakes, their use cases, and how they differ from data warehouses (DWHs).

This is a preview of the Getting Started With Data Lakes Refcard. To read the entire Refcard, please download the PDF from the link above.

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Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


How Big Data Analytics Can Be Used to Improve Customer Experience?

The world today is bombarded with continuously growing big data sets. This large amount of data is being produced every minute by businesses as well as individuals. Processing such voluminous data requires advanced analytics solutions. This is where big data analytics comes in, playing an indispensable role in analysing big data sets to uncover information.

So, What is Big Data Analytics?

How Big Data Analytics Can Help Improve Customer Experience?

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Shawn Durgan


How Digital Transformation Is Redefining Customer Experience

Digital transformation gives a personalized look into the customer’s purchasing habits along with their likes and dislikes. Making it easy for brands to provide a tailor-made premium customer experience based on personal preference & unspoken need.

Ever since smartphones became a part and parcel of human life, people have been a part of a digital network that connects them to friends, businesses, colleagues, and peers.

People don’t just buy products now, they connect with brands, register on their web portals, use their application, give email addresses, and phone numbers at cash counters.

They expect brands to understand their individual needs & answer back when they complain. This has encouraged brands to embrace digital transformation and reinvent customer success.

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