So installieren Sie LAMP Stack auf KALI Linux

Ein LAMP Stack ist eine Reihe von Open-Source-Software, die zum Erstellen von Websites und Webanwendungen verwendet werden kann. In diesem Handbuch erfahren Sie, wie Sie LAMP Stack unter KALI Linux installieren

Gehen Sie folgendermaßen vor, um den LAMP-Server unter KALI Linux zu erstellen:


  1. Aktualisieren Sie Ihr System.

sudo apt-get update

2. Installieren Sie Apache2.

sudo apt-get install apache2

3. So starten/neu starten/stoppen Sie den Apache2-Server:

$ /etc/init.d/apache2 start/stop/restart

4. Installieren Sie MySQL und starten Sie die Dienste:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start

$ sudo mysql_secure_installation

5. Installieren Sie PHP (php7.0 ist die neueste Version von PHP).

$ sudo apt-get -y install php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0

//Server neu starten

$ systemctl restart apache2

6. Überprüfen Sie, ob es funktioniert oder nicht.

$ cd /var/www/html

$ touch info.php

$ nano info.php

Geben Sie den folgenden Code ein Info.php:




Speichern -CTRL+O+enter

Ausgang -CTRL+X+enter

7. Öffnen Sie nun den Browser und besuchen Sie http://localhost/info.php

Jetzt können Sie LAMP Stack erfolgreich auf KALI Linux installieren

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Authentication In MEAN Stack - A Quick Guide

I consider myself an active StackOverflow user, despite my activity tends to vary depending on my daily workload. I enjoy answering questions with angular tag and I always try to create some working example to prove correctness of my answers.

To create angular demo I usually use either plunker or stackblitz or even jsfiddle. I like all of them but when I run into some errors I want to have a little bit more usable tool to undestand what’s going on.

Many people who ask questions on stackoverflow don’t want to isolate the problem and prepare minimal reproduction so they usually post all code to their questions on SO. They also tend to be not accurate and make a lot of mistakes in template syntax. To not waste a lot of time investigating where the error comes from I tried to create a tool that will help me to quickly find what causes the problem.

Angular demo runner
Online angular editor for building demo.

Let me show what I mean…

Template parser errors#

There are template parser errors that can be easy catched by stackblitz

It gives me some information but I want the error to be highlighted

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Ethical Hacking: Introducing Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a purpose built security operating system with a large variety of popular penetration testing tools. It is an open source project that is maintained and funded by Offensive Security. In addition to Kali Linux, Offensive Security also maintains the Exploit Database.

I’m going to guide you through a Kali Linux installation using Virtual Box. The first step is to download and install Virtual Box for your operating system.

You will then want to make your way to the Kali Linux download page and download the latest “Kali Linux 64-Bit (Installer)” ISO. Be warned it can take a while as the current version is 3.7G.

Open Virtual Box and click on the New button.

Image for post

On this page you need to supply the following:

  • Name — the name of your virtual machine
  • Machine Folder — the location of where your virtual machine will be created
  • **Type **— Linux
  • Version — Other Linux (64-bit)
  • **Memory **— I used 8192MB but it’s really up to you.

Image for post

All you have to do here is specify how large your virtual machine should be. I used 30 GB. You could allocate less but I wouldn’t really want to go lower than 10 GB.

Image for post

You will arrive back at the main Virtual Box page. Right-click on your Kali virtual machine and go to Settings.

Image for post

This step is optional but under “General”, then “Advanced” I usually set the “Shared Clipboard” and the “Drag’n’Drop” to “Bidirectional”.

Image for post

The next step is under “Storage”, select your DVD drive, and next to “Optical Drive” click on the blue disc. Then “Choose a disk file” and select your new Kali ISO.

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This step is optional but I find sometimes on my Mac enabling audio in Virtual Box causes the virtual machine not to boot. I don’t use the audio in my virtual machines so I disable it.

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I recommend changing your “Attached to:” from “NAT” to “Bridged Adapter”. If all connections would be outbound then “NAT” would be fine. I want to be able to serve external services like “DVWA” so allowing the virtual machine to assign its own IP address is preferable. You would do the same with NAT by opening up mappings but it is a pain so I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Hire Dedicated Linux Developer

Looking to develop real-time applications?

Hire Dedicated Linux Developer from, we have dedicated developers who have vast experience in developing applications for Linux and UNIX operating systems and have in-depth knowledge of their processes, kernel tools, internal architectures, and development packages.

Consult with experts:-

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How I Switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint

This article is all about my journey on switching from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 20, how I got easily adapted to the Linux environment, and some resources that helped me to set up a perfect Desktop environment.


Ok, now I have decided to switch to Linux but here comes the first question. Which distro will satisfy my needs both in terms of GUI and other aspects? Linux is not something new to me since I have been working with RHEL based distros in my work for the past 4 years with the command-line.

I know RHEL based distros are good for enterprises but not for personalized desktop environments, at least that’s what I am thinking till now. So I started my research to find the distro that should be easy for me to use and at the same time should have good community support if in case I ran into some problem. Among many Linux distros, I drilled down my list to 4 flavors.

Related ArticleThe Best Linux Distributions for Beginners

Before deciding the Distro it is necessary you formulate the list of tools/programs or packages needed and check if the distro you choose provides all those features.

For me, I use Linux for two main purposes: one is for my professional development work, writing articles, and second for my personal use like Video editing and Movies. Most of the popular software are created to be compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux like Sublime TextVSCodeVLC Media PlayerFirefox/Chromium browser. Other than these software, cloud-based services make our life easy Like Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite.

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Kali Linux 2021.1 - Fresh Installation Guide

Kali Linux is a secure Debian-based Linux distribution that comes pre-loaded with hundreds of well-known security tools and has gained quite a name for itself.

Kali even has an industry-respected certification available called “Pentesting with Kali”. The certification is a rigorous 24-hour challenge in which applicants must successfully compromise a number of computers with another 24 hours to write up a professional penetration test report that is sent to and graded by the personnel at Offensive Security. Successfully passing this exam will allow the test taker to obtain the OSCP credential.
The focus of this guide and future articles is to help individuals become more familiar with Kali Linux and several of the tools available within the distribution.

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