Chhajed Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd | Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

Chhajed Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd | Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting

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[Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings] are widely known for their long lasting features and high performance. They are develoThis is image titleped using premium standard raw material and last for a long period of time. The list of Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings include tees, elbows, bends, inserts, adapters, bushings, couplings and many more. They show high corrosion resistance and are very durable to use in commercial and residential applications as well. We offer these fitting in wide variety of shapes, sizes and other specifications Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings are utilized in a wide variety of applications across multiple industries. They are typically used in large shipyards, fabrication companies, chemical plants, oil refineries, machinery manufacturers, textile, and fluid transportation companies among others. They are highly cost-efficient and are much preferred over other fittings

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