Perks And Highlights of VueConf 2017

Perks And Highlights of VueConf 2017

With this piece, we will explain you what is the main idea behind the conference and give you a recap of VueConf itself in case you missed it.

It was hard to go back to our day-to-day reality after those incredible couple of days at VueConf. The whole thing felt curiously like closing a chapter, and a very long one at that. Putting everything in place took us nearly seven months and now was over, just like that. Leaving us just a little bit nostalgic.

With this piece, we’d like to do two things—explain you what is the main idea behind the conference and give you a recap of VueConf itself (with some cool pics in there, too) in case you missed it or wanted to run down memory lane real quick.

Why did we organize VueConf?

The remarkable truth is that you don’t have to be an enterprise-level organization to have a savvy and sophisticated staff who want to do much more than just write great code day in and day out. That’s our case.

We’ve been using Vue.js at Monterail for just over a year when we finally decided to organize a conference dedicated wholly to this particular framework. The whole story starts with Damian Dulisz, a frontend developer on our staff, who tirelessly evangelized the framework to his fellow developers. He stumbled across Vue as he was looking for a reasonable alternative to the already slightly outdated Angular and its comprehensive documentation, cutting edge, and flexible API and architecture quickly won him over—and the Monterail dev staff quickly followed in his footsteps.

Soon thereafter, we released multi-select and the first issue of the vue-newsletter. A couple of months later, we hosted a Q&A session at a local Meet.js event with Evan You, the creator of Vue himself. Well, you may ask, what was the reason for such a comprehensive embrace of Vue at Monterail? We’ll let Damian explain: “Vue gave me the perfect opportunity to do something I’ve always dreamed of—to start giving back to the community.” Our most recent community-related Vue project was a library for validations called vuelidate, created by Damian and Paweł Grabarz, another one of our developers.

It's no secret—we knew that organizing a conference of such importance and magnitude to the Vue community in a city like Wrocław would definitely be a challenge. We were also fairly certain, however, that we would be able to convince Evan that choosing such a unique location was the right choice. Despite some initial misgivings, Evan finally conceded the point. To quote Evan himself, “Damian convinced me with his enthusiasm.”

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